Cinnamon Applesauce + Vanilla Ice Cream

October 26, 2016

When I was a little girl, just shy of three years old, my grandma use to pick me up during the week to spend the night at her house. Some of my most vivid memories from that age were the ones spent with her each week. She was, and still is, a young soul. I remember going to the park with our breakfasts (she would let me eat mine at the top of the slide), climbing on the train outside the children’s…

Carrot + Coffee & Chocolate Scones

October 20, 2016

Saturday morning apple picking and Sunday morning pumpkin patch visiting, followed by a little rain. It has been a nice fall stretch we are having here in southern CA, despite the heat bump for a few days. I know fall has arrived in my heart when cravings for bowls of veggies are countered with ones for fresh scones and muffins. Two of which I had you vote for last week on Instagram (so neat by the way) and “team scones” dominated…

Fall Roasted Veg + Creamy Balsamic & Sage Hemp Sauce

October 13, 2016

Two years ago yesterday, Scott and I pulled up to an empty apartment in Denver with our moving truck. You can read more on our crazy story of how that came to be here, but today I’m going to mention something I haven’t before. Along with that move came something else, something I wasn’t sure existed and ended up changing my life. I was sick. Not an I don’t feel well and need to take a pill for 2 weeks…