5 Minute Cozy Bowl of Pumpkin Oats

September 21, 2016

All of your cozy drink submissions from last week’s giveaway had me jonesing for something comforting (thank you for your wonderful entries!). And with autumn debuting tomorrow, I felt as if a bowl of something warm and pumpkin-y would be the way to start it off right. I’ve been on an oatmeal kick all summer, teetering between stovetop oats and a simple overnight variation. My technique here utilizes both methods, the overnight and the stovetop, yielding a thick and rich…

Coffee Shop – Worthy Hazelnut Milk + “Oh She Glows Everyday”

September 14, 2016

Our acclimation back into the busy world has been gentle these past few days. Scott and I have kept the free spirits we embraced on our camping trip alive, easing back into our responsibilities and tasks. As wonderful as they are, we become a different (better) version of ourselves without the lists and obligations. Losing cell service for several days on our camping adventure meant no one could know what we were up to. We lived in the moment, had…

Chocolate Chip Cookies

August 31, 2016
new cookie top

I feel as if this time of year people fall into one of two categories. There are the ones who cling to summer, never wanting it’s warm rays and lush produce to end. Then there are the others who are craving fall, a break from the sun and some cozier food. Last year I fell into the first camp, having survived my first real winter in Colorado and getting a taste of what mountain adventures in the summer could amount…