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Browse My Cookbook Shelf by Faring Well

I’m so happy to open up my cookbook shelf to you here! My hope is to share the books I hold nearest to my heart (ahem, stomach) in the kitchen. These books give me inspiration, they bring new dishes to our table in our home regularly, and they enrich my connection with food deeply. Having someone’s cookbook in your kitchen is like having a piece of the author cooking with you. It’s an extension of who they are already as a blogger/chef/etc, placed into printed form to be recreated and experienced on your plate – as well as to share with those you love most (even if it’s a date night in with yourself).

I’ve taken the time to really dig into why I love each of these books, and share a handful of recipes from each to give you an idea of what to expect and to help you decide on if it would be a cookbook worth investing in for your kitchen too. I hope you enjoy the descriptions and that this page can be used as a resource for cookbook inquiries you have for yourself, or even for a friend or family member you wish to gift one to sometime.

Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page with any additional questions you may have on one of these books below. I’ll be sure to update this page throughout the year as new cookbooks trickle into my collection, so be sure to subscribe to my email list if you’d like to receive updates (subscription box is in my sidebar).

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Browse My Cookbook Shelf by Faring Well

This is quite literally an encyclopedia on vegetarian ingredients, and my right-hand-book when I’m in the kitchen. There are over five hundred pages listing every ingredient and cuisine imaginable in the vegetarian realm. Giving information under each such as: description of flavor/volume, botanical relatives, when it is in season, flavor affinities, nutritional information, and (my favorite) flavor combining of other ingredients to pair with/enhance it’s unique flavor. This book is incredibly helpful when looking to learn how to use the ingredients you have on hand more creatively, and maybe even introduce a few ingredients you wouldn’t have considered before. (View/order the book here.)

The first cookbook I ever asked for. Sigh. Where do I begin? This book, albeit filled with recipes of the highest caliber, is more than just a recipe book. Amy walks you through her kitchen, you get to “know” her pantry and how she values her ingredients. She discusses cooking techniques, equipment, and how to reduce the use of plastics in a way that makes you want to model your kitchen after her – not by desire to mimic an ideal lifestyle, but by a passion to connect with your food through the process that is stocking, organizing, prepping, cooking, and (most importantly) eating. She gives you the recipes you need in your back pocket to create the wholesome and simple breakfasts and lunches that you crave during the week. Such as her (miracle) creamy chia pudding and simple red lentil soup with spinach, lemon, and pepper. Then she takes you to the more developed recipes, and your head begins to spin from desire to create them all. Tempeh portobello burgers, kale slaw with creamy mustard dressing, summer rolls with macadamia lime sauce, traditional asian bento bowls, and two entire sections on dessert tarts (spring + summer, fall + winter). Don’t even get me started on her apricot coconut bars and pistachio golden rain cookies. This cookbook is vegetarian, mostly vegan, and entirely necessary in my kitchen for life. (View/order the book here.)

MY NEW ROOTS by Sarah Britton
If Sarah’s luminous skin, long silky hair, and downright infectiously joyful + down-to-earth personality doesn’t make you want to cook every one of her dishes, the mouth watering flavor combinations in this cookbook will. With a background in nutrition, her recipes are as balanced as they are scrumptious. Nutritional fun-facts regarding an ingredient in each dish are sprinkled throughout the book’s pages, as well as an introduction to cooking grains and beans from scratch with simple charts to take all of the guesswork out of the process. She teaches you how to sprout, how to make the most bang-er-ang nut butters, and lets you in on the “holy trinity of flavor”. Then you enter into the recipes, organized by season and varying from breakfasts, snacks, main meals, and desserts. You’ll find savory spring hand pies, moon macaroons, caramelized fennel on herbed polenta, walnut figs bars, strawberry chamomile frozen yogurt, roasted pumpkin with black rice and tangerine tahini sauce, and so many more enticing recipes each season. The photographs are as pretty as Sarah, too. A definite keep-sake on my cookbook shelf and kitchen counters all year long. Entirely vegetarian and very vegan friendly. (View/order the book here.)

THE SAVVY COOK by Izy Hossack
Grab-and-go snacks, beautiful main course meals, and tips on how to clear out the fridge – Izy has thought of everything in The Savvy Cook. Well thought out and intentional are two ways I would describe this cookbook as a whole. The food itself? It’s everything I actually want to eat, everyday. Peach and raspberry crunch overnight oats, chocolate sweet potato smoothie, cilantro coconut dressing over brown rice and greens, and a single serving chocolate chip cookie. My favorite section is “clear out the fridge”, where she gives you recipe templates for building multiple versions of tacos, pizzas, frittatas, stir-fries, and more – using whatever you have on hand. At the end of her book she has two pages for “makeovers with leftovers”, listing page numbers under common ingredients used throughout her book, so when you have extra of something you know how to use it! Entirely vegetarian, and incredibly vegan-friendly.  (View/order the book here.)

The description on the front of this book, “vibrant plant-based recipes to eat well through the seasons”, describes it’s pages perfectly. Laura gives off such a warm and down to earth vibe on her blog, and this translates to her beautiful cookbook as well. Stunning photography, drool-worthy ingredient combinations, and a thoughtfulness that makes you feel calm about entering the kitchen to whip up one of her meals – this is The First Mess Cookbook. Early grey tiramisu, chocolate chunk ginger cookies, spice-crusted cauliflower with walnut sauce, creamy and spicy corn and millet toss, and an entire section on soups that will keep you cozy all winter. Laura’s recipes are wholesome, brilliant, approachable, and entirely plant based.  (View/order the book here.)

THE LOVE & LEMONS COOKBOOK by Jeanine Donofrio
With some of the most gorgeous graphic design to boot, Jeanine takes you through some of her favorite vegetarian recipes which are organized by ingredient! Browse the broccoli section for recipes like “lemon broccoli and caper couscous”, the berry section for “blueberry mango and mint ice cream” (my favorite), and the carrot section for “vegan carrot waffles”. Warning: you will want to make every recipe in this book and purchase every prop used. The photographs are stunning, the methodology behind the book (reverse meal planning) is genius, and the recipes are so approachable you could cook from its pages all day without spending hours in the kitchen. This is one you need a stand for in the kitchen, because you are always going to want to have it at your fingertips. (View/order the book here.)

This book is just that, filled with bowls of goodness. Nina makes you want to wrap up and pack away your plates for life as you jump full throttle into “bowl life”. Originally from Sweden, and now residing in the Netherlands, Nina’s vibrant photography and cultural influence through her travels draw you into each recipe. Her introduction to the cookbook is one of my favorites, discussing our connection with food and the rapidly changing world we currently live in – she aims to bring us back to wholesome food that isn’t fussy but practical for everyday living.  Full of both vegan and vegetarian “goodness” with recipes like kasha and rhubarb with peanut butter, Stockholm scramble (a favorite), beetroot falafel, Moroccan harissa salad, watermelon poke bowls, Laska noodles, royal korma, “neatball” masala, and cherry choco + sea salt crumble – you will never get bored in the kitchen with this cookbook. (View/order the book here.)

SIX SEASONS by Joshua McFadden
A NYC chef who left the city to work on a small farm, Joshua McFadden will make you look at your vegetables in an entirely new fashion after reading his cookbook, which he co-authored with Martha Holmberg. It’s organized by six seasons, with summer being broken into early summer, mid summer, and late summer. He will teach you how to properly trim and cook an artichoke, make pickles in every season, create the perfect poaching liquid, and properly dress a salad. Beet slaw with pistachios and raisins, potato and roasted cauliflower salad with olives, burnt carrots with honey and black pepper, and mashed fava beans and mint on toast – to name a few recipes I’m eye-balling. While the dishes are veggie-heavy, this is not a vegetarian/vegan cookbook, but can easily be modified to fit whatever lifestyle you follow. I now feel more equipped as a cook in the kitchen after reading this book’s wonderful pages, and am excited to open it up at the beginning of each season to tackle new-to-me vegetables, as well as old favorites in a new way. (View/order the book here.)

Browse My Cookbook Shelf by Faring Well

This cookbook is a slice of heaven. Emma, from New Zealand and I believe living in Australia when she wrote this book, has the most wonderfully unique influences on her dishes and flavors. I love reading the stories behind each recipe, and her background as a chef shines in every dish she creates. The fact they are all gluten free, vegetarian, and wholesome is another miracle she manages to whip up seemingly effortlessly. Her photography is some of my absolute favorite, and I can’t help but want to take a bite from every item in the “sweet tooth” section. Chocolate date bliss balls, banana + date + olive oil bread, ginger whoopie pies, and so many more. I love her quinoa, orange, and asparagus salad as well as her warm millet with berry-bay compote. She has warming dishes like chickpea, pumpkin, and kale stew with chimichurri and quinoa, and fresh dishes such as her avocado and cashew rice paper rolls to balance you out all year. Entirely vegetarian and gluten free, with lots of entirely plant based options, this is one (beautiful) inspiring cookbook documenting a slice of Emma’s gorgeous life. (View/order the book here.)

Just as beautiful as the first, Emma does it once more in her second cookbook. Each pages draws you in to her serene and calming kitchen. Organized by season, she takes you through breakfasts, savory plates, and sweet treats. All gluten free and vegetarian, with plenty of vegan friendly (or easily made so) recipes. Apple shortcake, halva ice cream bites, grapefruit curd slice, and ginger roasted pumpkin + quinoa salad with mint, chili, and lime. Approachable, fresh, beautiful, and inventive. I’m so grateful Emma let us into her kitchen with this second book.  (View/order the book here.)

GREEN KITCHEN SMOOTHIES by David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl 
I love pulling out this little cookbook every time I find myself in a smoothie ‘rut’ and in need of something creative to toss into my blender. The dynamic duo, David and Luise, always wow me with their creative and balanced recipes. Each photo will make you question why you eat anything other than smoothies all day long, but then you read their other cookbook (see below) and realize there is a reason after all (*wink wink*). In this cookbook they teach you the anatomy of a smoothie and what proportions yield the best consistency and taste. Then there are chapters on simple smoothies (the goodnight smoothie), show stoppers (grab-and-go blackberry oats), nut milks, juices, nut pulp crackers, blended desserts (bounty jars), and other helpful things to make for additions and toppings (ie. nut butters, chia puddings, etc.). (View/order the book here.)

GREEN KITCHEN TRAVELS by David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl 
This vegetarian cookbook will make you want to travel the world. Which is what David, Luise, and their little girl Elsa at the time had just done. Filled with beautiful photos of their travels, plus incredible recipes inspired by what they ate – this book is truly something wonderful to sit and read through as much as to cook from too. A few everyday recipes, such as a handful of creative overnight oats mixes and a vegan seeded loaf, grace the pages alongside more involved dishes from various cultures. Here we have the orange blossom and cardamom yogurt, tempeh and papaya satay skewers, no-noodle pad thai, stuffed holiday pumpkins, and baked banana fritters. There are also fun things like quick airplane lemon bars, and a set of six different moroccan salads that make me want to hop on an “airplane” and take it to my kitchen to experience a little of this country. The loving personalities of this sweet family come through in every bit of work that they do, including this cookbook. (View/order the book here.)

This is the second cookbook by the talented Sarah Britton (See My New Roots above for her first.) Here she aimed to create a cookbook that created vibrant and satisfying meals using everyday ingredients you would find at your most common grocery store. Entirely vegetarian and incredibly vegan friendly, this book is split into sections such as satisfying soups, sumptuous salads, nourishing mains, simple sides + small plates, and savory + sweet snacks. I could get lost for weeks in her soups and salads sections alone. She introduces you to the method for building satisfying meals, and gives you tips for how to roll over certain ingredients from one recipe to the next. This book is full of enticing recipes, such as broccoli basil broth, crave-able creamy brussels sprout slaw, snappy spring salad with lemon mint date sauce, butter bean ginger stew, honey almond granola bars, coconut cardamom blueberry snack cake, and double chocolate chunk sunbutter cookies. (View/order the book here.)

LOVE REAL FOOD by Kathryne Taylor
This vibrant vegetarian cookbook is as approachable as it is beautiful. Filled with recipes for tasty waffles, pancakes, granolas, salads, soups, tacos, and so many tasty dips and snacks. We love Kathryne’s avocado, spinach, and artichoke dip as well as her carrot cake breakfast cookies. Other recipes I’ve made note of are her shredded brussels and kale hash, roasted summertime salsa, sun dried tomato fettuchini alfredo with spinach, and grilled veggie skewers with cilantro lime rice, black beans, and avocado chimichurri sauce. There is no denying her banana pecan shakes, too. If you love vibrant, simple, delicious vegetarian food (with lots of vegan options too) then you will love this cookbook. (View/order the book here.)

VEGETARIAN HEARTLAND by Shelly Westerhausen
Shelly is the midwest vegetarian food queen. In her first cookbook here she proves it’s possible to have cozy + nourishing vegetarian meals throughout all of life’s adventures, whether in the midwest or elsewhere. Organized by activity, she takes you through recipes suited for farmers market day, a berry picking adventure, camping, holiday hosting, playing in the snow, and so many more. Filled with beautiful lifestyle photography alongside photos of the recipes, this book is one that will leave you feeling like gathering everyone in the kitchen for a cozy meal and then heading out on an adventure. Examples of recipes you’ll find in this book are tahini and coconut date bars, smoky maple baked beans, wild rice veggie sliders, and deep dish persimmon pudding pie. (View/order the book here.)

Dana has taken the blogging world by storm with her plant based and minimalist recipe empire that is Minimalist Baker. Her cookbook is an extension of the types of recipes her readers have come to know and love on her site, following the format of requiring either 1 bowl, 10 ingredients, or no more than 30 minutes to prepare – you can see why her recipes are so popular! In her first published book you will find thai roasted sweet potatoes, spicy bbq jackfruit sandwiches with grilled pineapple, peanut butter and jelly granola bars, five ingredient peppermint patties, and 1-bowl tiramisu cake. Looking for a simple green smoothie? She has you covered. Fluffy spiced buckwheat pancakes to please the masses? She has those too. All plant based, mostly gluten free, and entirely delicious recipes. (View/order the book here.)

Browse My Cookbook Shelf by Faring Well

This cookbook is all about delicious ways to enjoy whole foods. It’s a peek into Sara’s kitchen and pantry, as well as her life with little stories to go with each recipe. From breakfasts to salads to dinners and desserts, she opens up your mind to numerous new ways to enjoy vegetables on the daily. Her husband Hugh photographs each recipe in such a fresh and calming way, you feel like you can just sink your spoon or fork into each page. I love her idea behind “mashies and greens”, sneaking some kale into her mashed potatoes, and her moroccan stuffed squash. A few others I feel can be staples in anyone’s weekly recipe round up are her mushroom and brown rice veggie burgers, lemon and herb humus, and almond meal cookies with coconut and cacao nibs. This is another one you will always want to have open on your countertop in the kitchen. Enough goodness for all the veggie readers, and a little for you non-veggie folk too. (View/order the book here.)

BOWL + SPOON by Sara Forte
Bowl food, need I say more? Breakfast bowls, side bowls, big bowls, and sweet bowls. Sara has your bowl-food-needs covered in her second cookbook, which is beautifully shot by her husband Hugh as well. Everything Sara creates looks effortlessly spectacular and full of texture and flavors. Mostly vegetarian, lots of vegan options, and very veggie heavy with a warm southern California vibe – I love this cookbook. A few favorites are her tahini kale slaw and roasted tamari portobello bowl, grilled zucchini salad with cilantro pepita pesto, lentil tapenade, and gingered apple crisp. Sara knows how to celebrate vegetables and enjoy a slice of tiramisu. I love her balance and overall approach to her recipes. (View/order the book here.)

KALE & CARAMEL by Lily Diamond
This truly is a cookbook ‘for all five senses’. Lily takes you through her upbringing on the island of Maui and her deep relationship with all things natural. Organized by herb and flower, her recipes cover sweet and savory dishes for the table as well as nurturing blends for your skin and around the home – such as her fresh mint room spray. Her dishes are as fragrant as they are flavorful, and I love her sweet orange and rosemary cream pops, carrot and pistachio salad with orange blossom toss, and balsamic lentils with oregano cream. The photography is calming, pure, and down right sensational. Her words draw you in as much as the recipes, and each page leaves you feeling refreshed and excited to get into the kitchen. This cookbook is entirely vegetarian with a few vegan options + lots of inspiration for how to incorporate more flowers and herbs into your daily routines. (View/order the book here.)

Lindsey’s creativity is overflowing in her first cookbook using, yes, chickpea flour in every recipe! Each month of the year has eight dedicated recipes. You can literally use this flour all year long, or substitute it here and there with whichever flour suits you best (and the recipe best, of course). You’ll find savory dishes such as caraway spätzle with kale and balsamic onions, chickpea banh mi, stuffed squash blossoms with macadamia ricotta, and grilled zucchini tacos with chickpea-chipotle cream. Sweet dishes such as chocolate banana loaf, blackberry lime cobbler, and goji berry and cacao nib granola bars. Her photography is dreamy, and her recipes are approachable and fresh. As you hold this book you can feel that a really sweet and kind hearted person wrote it, and it transfers into her scrumptious recipes as well. The entire cookbook is gluten free and vegetarian, with plenty of vegan options too. (View/order the book here.)

EVERYDAY VEGETARIAN by Valentina Solfrini
Valentina’s book takes you straight to the Italian countryside where the words “recipes” and “traditions” are interchangeable. It’s the most beautifully written book you will want to read from cover to cover – like an Italian fairytale! She takes recipes from her region, as well as others, and creates equally seductive vegetarian versions alongside some naturally vegetarian recipes from Italy as well. She includes many vegan substitutions when possible, as well as a handful of fully vegan recipes – such as her grandmas upside down cake and many bean/vegetable/pasta dishes. This book will teach you about what it looks like to eat through the seasons on the eastern coast of Italy, vegetarian style. (View/order the book here.)

Between her bright personality, hilarious writing style, and scrumptious food creations – Molly is someone who draws you into her life. Not vegan or vegetarian in the slightest, but beautiful and inspiring in every way. Her unique heritage, and current life on a beet farm in North Dakota, inspire her (incredibly creative) recipes. In her book she tells of her Chicago and NYC roots, her current midwestern life, and all of the ways food has been tied to all of her experiences throughout. This is another page turner you will read like a book, definitely coffee table worthy, and one I will glean inspiration from always! From hot dish, to challah, to fully decorated cakes, and potstickers – written about adorably, with love and the most beautiful photography around. (View/order the book here.)

THE ART OF FLAVOR by Patterson & Aftel
The tagline of this book, “practices and principles for creating delicious food”, sums up this book perfectly. The guidance found on it’s pages will help you know how to cook in the kitchen. Not follow a recipe step by step blindly, but to know how to taste and build flavor. How to use texture and acidity to create something sublime. It shares about the interconnectedness of perfumery and cookery, and provides you with tools such as the “seven dials that let you fine tune a dish” and how to use their flavor compass to guide you to creating the most delicious dishes with just a few ingredients. Although there are recipes demonstrating every one of their techniques covered in the book, it is not necessarily a recipe book but more a tool for you to use to expand your cooking knowledge and enable yourself to eb and flow while coooking and manipulating recipes in your kitchen. It’s brilliant. (View/order the book here.)

Browse My Cookbook Shelf by Faring Well

FOOD 52 VEGAN by Gena Hemshaw 
Gena is the vegan recipe creator over at The Full Helping, and developed the recipes for Food52‘s first completely vegan cookbook. If you are new to a plant based lifestyle and are wondering how to create all of your old favorite dishes, or are a veggie veteran and are in search of a cookbook that has nailed the basics, and then some – this cookbook was made for you. A few classics like the perfect pancakes, a killer green smoothie, banana bread, butternut squash macaroni and cheese are nestled alongside delicious twists like her mushroom + pecan + lentil burger, smoky tempeh and hummus sandwiches, and sweet potato and peanut stew with kale. A few of her incredible sweet recipes include cranberry pistachio biscotti, perfect pumpkin pie, and double chocolate brownies. This cookbook is filled with wholesome plant based recipes that will please the masses as well. (View/order the book here.)

OH SHE GLOWS EVERYDAY by Angela Liddon  
I have learned so much from Angela over the years, and continue to in her beautiful cookbook for everyday plant based recipes. She keeps things wholesome and delicious, showing that plants can be so versatile and full of flavor. A few savory options are her protein power rainbow quinoa salad, oh em gee veggie burgers, loaded sweet potatoes, and shepherds pie. A few for the sweet spot are her pillowy pumpkin snacking cookies, chewy molasses spelt cookies, and nut-free dream bars. I am also a big fan of her coffee-shop-worthy hazelnut milk. In here you will find a recipe for everyone, her talents know no bounds. From fresh salads, to smoothies, to overnight oats, you name it – Angela has probably made it, and it is probably in this book. (View/order the book here.)

STRAIGHT FROM THE EARTH by Myra & Marea Goodman
Myra and her husband are the founders of Earthbound Farms, and she co-authors this book with her daughter Marea to share how delicious a plant based lifestyle can be. This cookbook is filled with beautiful and approachable recipes you will want to make every day. There are the blueberry cornmeal pancakes made with pecans, fresh salads and soups, grilled summer vegetables and tofu on sweet corn and faro, seared polenta with spicy heirloom tomato sauce, and a house favorite: soba noodles with edamame, carrots, and green onions in peanut sauce. You feel as if you are on the farm with the Goodmans preparing these dishes. Their sweets are pretty to-die-for too, with tempting options like banana coconut cake and very chocolatey chocolate brownies. (View/order the book here.)

Emilie is an absolute superwoman in the kitchen. She is all about food prep and knowing how to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to meal time. She will show you how to use a batch of quinoa for dinner as well as dessert, mix your own spice blends, make your own compound butters, and shake up a jar of homemade stirfry sauce in a flash. Her cookbook is not vegetarian or vegan, but does have many plant based options and prep tips I find valuable in my weekly kitchen tasks. A few recipes include tuscan white bean soup, speedy smashed mediterranean chickpeas, spice roasted carrot and avocado salad, cauliflower bolognese, cashew fried rice, and chocolate peanut butter quinoa truffles. (View/order the book here.)

This cookbook is the second one done by the amazing Emilie mentioned above, and one that changed my relationship with sourdough bread baking! She gives incredibly helpful instructions for creating your own sourdough starter from scratch, tips for maintaining your starter once fully matured, and all kinds of recipes using different flours and methods. From beautifully shapes loaves, to bagels, to waffles, this cookbook is filled with such helpful information and beautiful photos to inspire you to get your starter going today. I personally am so grateful for the work Emilie has poured into this book and al the ways it has enabled me (and so many others) to overcome their sourdough baking fears! (View/order the book here.)

This is the most wonderful guide on how to ferment and pickle your own vegetables. Amanda breaks down the information barrier that keeps many of us from feeling safe to do so on our own, and provides multiple techniques for how to go about fermenting. She also discusses things such as equipment, temperature, and commonly asked questions she has received over the years. Her recipes are incredibly inspiring, ranging from traditional sour krauts to kimchi, kvass, and even recipes using brine liquid such as in her winter squash hummus. I love her banh mi pickles, too. This book will stay nestled on my shelf as a resource for future fermenting adventures over many years to come. (View/order the book here.)

N’ICE CREAM by Virpi Mikkonen & Tuulia Talvo 
This book will teach you multiple methods to making your own luscious homemade ice creams, all naturally sweetened and completely vegan! Virpi and Tuulia made my dreams come true when they created this book, from blender n’ice creams, the no-churn method, the ice cube tray method, and of course – with a traditional ice cream maker. They teach you how to use ingredients like coconut milk, avocados, nuts, dates, and maple syrup to create some of the most stunning and creamy ice creams. This includes popsicles, ice cream bars, milkshakes, and even cakes! A few favorites are the coconut stracciatella ice cream, creamy tahini pops, avocado mint chocolate chip ice cream, sweet potato gingerbread ice cream, and the salted caramel milkshake. They even teach you how to make your own caramel and chocolate sauces, and my favorite, the raw “cake crumble”. Basically, if you love ice cream, you will love this cookbook. (View/order the book here.)

EAT PRETTY by Jolene Hart
This book is one I turn to with the change of every season. It reminds me of how powerful the foods we put into our body are, and how to eat beautifully throughout the seasons. Jolene covers the different vitamins, minerals, and other compounds found in certain foods – and speaks to their importance and the roles they play in our body (how they affect our hair, skin, nails, digestion, etc). It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it is incredible inspiring/empowering. A few recipes to draw you in that are found in the book include her autumn beauty bowl, pumpkin mousse, and cool peppermint cream cups. This book is not exclusively vegan or vegetarian, but has something to offer no matter what lifestyle you follow. (View/order the book here.)

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