9 Best Baby Shower Games: Fun, Heartwarming, and Memorable Activities

9 Best Baby Shower Games: Fun, Heartwarming, and Memorable Activities

Planning a baby shower can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect games to keep your guests entertained. You want activities that are fun, memorable, and easy to organize. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large celebration, the right games can make all the difference.

Classic Baby Shower Game: Baby Bingo

Baby Bingo is a timeless and engaging way to keep your guests entertained. It’s simple to set up and guarantees excitement and laughter.

How to Play Baby Bingo

Distribute Bingo cards to each guest. Fill the cards with typical baby shower gifts or baby-related terms instead of numbers. As presents are opened or baby terms are mentioned, guests mark off the corresponding squares on their cards. The first person to complete a row, column, or diagonal shouts “Bingo!” and wins a prize. You can easily customize the card design, making it personal and fun for everyone.

Variations of Baby Bingo

Mix up the traditional gameplay to keep things fresh. Use photos of baby items instead of words or fill the cards with predictions about the baby’s birth, such as weight and due date. Alternatively, create a version where guests guess the parents’ favorite baby names, places, or activities. These variations add personalized touches and cater to different preferences, ensuring an exciting experience for all your guests.

Creative Outlet: Decorate Onesies

Baby showers are more fun with hands-on activities. One popular choice is decorating onesies, which provides both entertainment and a personalized gift for the baby.

Required Materials

You’ll need plain white onesies in various sizes, fabric markers, stencils, and fabric paints. Set out protective tablecloths and aprons to keep clothes clean. Consider adding embellishments like fabric glue, buttons, and ribbons for added creativity.

  1. Choose a Design: Pick a stencil or sketch your idea. This makes the process easier and provides a clear plan.
  2. Prepare the Onesie: Lay the onesie flat on a protected surface. Slip a piece of cardboard inside to prevent markers and paint from bleeding through.
  3. Draw or Paint: Use fabric markers or paints to create your design. Start with light colors and outline before filling in.
  4. Add Embellishments: Attach buttons, ribbons, or other decorative items using fabric glue once the paint dries.
  5. Let Dry: Allow at least 24 hours for the onesies to dry completely. Ensure they are placed in a safe, dry area during this time.
  6. Heat Set (if needed): Follow the fabric marker or paint instructions to set the colors permanently, often using an iron.

Decorating onesies lets each guest add their unique touch, making it a cherished keepsake for the baby.

Fun and Laughs: Guess the Baby Food

Get ready for some giggles with the Guess the Baby Food game. It’s perfect for adding humor to your baby shower.

Setting Up the Game

Choose a variety of baby food flavors. Select a mix of sweet and savory options to keep guests guessing. Label each jar with a number instead of its name.

Arrange the jars on a table. Place spoons beside each jar for tasting. Provide guests with scorecards and pens.

Tips for a Smooth Gameplay

Encourage guests to smell before tasting. This adds another sensory layer to the challenge.

Keep a water station nearby. This lets players cleanse their palates between tastings.

Reward winners with small prizes. This incentivizes participation and makes the game more exciting.

Ice Breaker: Who’s That Baby?

This game sets a fun, nostalgic tone for your baby shower, breaking the ice and getting everyone involved.

Collecting Baby Photos from Guests

Start by asking guests to send you a baby photo ahead of time. Collect these photos either through email or a dedicated social media group. Assure your guests that their photos will be safely returned or deleted after the event. Designate a clear deadline for receiving the photos to ensure you have enough time to prepare.

How to Conduct the Game

Print all the baby photos and label each one with a number. Display the photos on a board or string them up with clothespins for a cute presentation. Provide each guest with a list numbered one through however many photos you have. The guests then write down the names of who they think each baby photo belongs to next to the corresponding number. Once everyone has made their guesses, reveal the correct answers. Reward the person who identifies the most photos correctly with a small prize like a candle or gift card.

Activity Focused: Diaper Raffle

A Diaper Raffle is a simple yet fun activity that can add excitement to your baby shower while helping the parents stock up on diapers. Incorporating this game is an easy way to engage your guests and break the ice.

Explaining the Diaper Raffle Rules

Start by including a note in your baby shower invitations, asking guests to bring a pack of diapers in any size. When guests arrive, they’ll receive one raffle ticket for each pack they bring. They can drop their tickets into a designated raffle box. Throughout the event, announce the raffle draws, and winners can claim their prizes. This ensures everyone understands the rules and has a fair chance to win.

Ideas for Diaper Raffle Prizes

Select a variety of enticing prizes to motivate guests to participate. Popular choices include spa gift baskets filled with lotions, candles, and bath salts, restaurant gift cards ranging from $25 to $50, and gourmet food baskets featuring chocolates, snacks, and wine. Consider adding personalized items like custom mugs or photo frames for a thoughtful touch. Ensure the prizes are appealing so your diaper raffle becomes a highlight of the baby shower.

Memory Making: Wishes for Baby

Documenting heartfelt wishes is a lovely way to create lasting memories at a baby shower. You’ll find joy in looking back on these touching messages.

Creating Wishes for Baby Cards

Select or design beautiful cards for guests to write their wishes. Use templates with prompts like “I hope you learn…” or “I hope you love…”. This helps guests think of meaningful wishes. Provide colorful pens and pencils to make the activity more enjoyable. Place the cards on a designated table with a sign explaining the activity, making it easy for guests to participate.

Collecting and Preserving Wishes

Gather the completed cards in a decorative box or album. You might use a keepsake box that matches the baby shower theme. Consider a photo album with plastic sleeves to protect the cards. If you’re crafty, create a scrapbook to include photos from the shower and the wishes for your baby. This makes for a treasured keepsake that you and your little one will cherish for years to come.

Energetic Game: Baby Shower Charades

Preparing Charades Cards

Create charades cards with baby-themed clues. Include items like “changing diapers,” “feeding a baby,” or “singing a lullaby.” Write each activity clearly on individual cards. Use colorful paper or index cards to make them attractive. Aim for about 20-30 cards to ensure a fun and varied game.

Rules for Baby Shower Charades

Explain the rules before starting. Divide guests into two teams. Players act out the clues on the cards without speaking, while their team guesses. Set a timer for each round, usually one to two minutes. The team with the most correct guesses wins. Encourage creativity and enthusiasm for the best experience.

Team Game: Pass the Pacifier

Want to add some spirited competition to your baby shower? Pass the Pacifier is a fun team game that promises lots of laughs.

What You Need for Pass the Pacifier

Gather a few essential items to get started. You’ll need:

  • One pacifier for each team
  • Straws for each player
  • Timer or stopwatch

How to Play Pass the Pacifier

Divide your guests into teams. Give each team a straw and a pacifier. The first player in each team holds the straw in their mouth and uses it to pick up the pacifier. They then pass the pacifier to the next player without using their hands. Use a timer to set a specific time limit for each round. The team that successfully passes the pacifier down the line first wins. If the pacifier drops, the player must pick it up using only the straw and start again.

Sentimental Game: Baby’s First Book

Baby showers provide a heartwarming opportunity to create a keepsake for the baby. “Baby’s First Book” is a meaningful game that involves all the guests.

Choosing the Right Book

Pick a sturdy, high-quality book for this special occasion. Classic children’s books like “Goodnight Moon” or “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” are great options. Select a book with plenty of space for guests to write messages or draw small illustrations. Ensure the pages can withstand lots of handling, as this book will be treasured for years.

How Guests Can Contribute

Provide guests with colorful markers and invite them to write a heartfelt message or piece of advice for the baby. Encourage them to share their favorite childhood memory or a wise saying that the baby can reflect on in the future. Set up a designated table with the book and supplies to ensure everything stays organized. This activity allows everyone to leave a personal touch and ensures the new baby starts life with a book filled with love and wisdom.


Choosing the right games can make your baby shower an unforgettable celebration. From interactive options like Baby Bingo and “Guess the Baby Food” to sentimental activities like “Baby’s First Book,” there’s something for everyone. These games not only entertain but also create lasting memories and keepsakes that the parents-to-be will cherish. So go ahead and incorporate these ideas into your baby shower planning to ensure a fun and heartwarming event for all your guests.

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