9 Best Bikes for 5-Year-Olds: Top Picks for Fun and Safety

9 Best Bikes for 5-Year-Olds: Top Picks for Fun and Safety

Choosing the perfect bike for your 5-year-old can be a thrilling yet challenging task. With so many options available, it’s important to find a bike that’s not only fun but also safe and suitable for their size and skills. Whether your child is a budding cyclist or just starting out, the right bike can make all the difference in their riding experience.

In this article, we’ll explore the 9 best bikes for 5-year-olds, considering factors like design, durability, and ease of use. From balance bikes to pedal bikes, we’ve got you covered with top picks that will keep your little one excited and confident as they embark on their cycling adventures.

1. Balance Bikes: The Best Starter Bike

Strider – Classic 12 No-Pedal Balance Bike

Strider’s Classic 12 is perfect for early learners. This no-pedal bike helps your child develop balance and coordination. It features a lightweight, durable frame, making it easy for kids to handle and maneuver. The adjustable seat and handlebars ensure a perfect fit as your child grows, and puncture-proof tires mean no maintenance hassles.

Woom 1 Plus Balance Bike

The Woom 1 Plus takes beginner biking to the next level. Designed for children ages 3 to 5, it offers a low step-through frame and comes with an easy-to-use hand brake, introducing kids to basic braking skills. The air-filled tires provide a smooth ride on various terrains. Its lightweight aluminum frame ensures easy carrying and handling, making it an excellent choice for growing riders.

2. Convertible Bikes: Grow With Your Child

Convertible bikes provide the flexibility to adapt as your child grows, making them a smart investment for parents. These bikes are designed to transition from balance bikes to pedal bikes, ensuring years of use.

LittleBig 3-in-1 Growing Bike

The LittleBig 3-in-1 Growing Bike evolves with your child. Start as a balance bike to help them gain confidence with no pedals. Convert it to a larger balance bike as they grow taller. Finally, add pedals to transition to a full-fledged pedal bike. With an aluminum frame and adjustable seat, this bike promises durability and comfort throughout your child’s growing years.

Joystar Totem Kids Bike with Training Wheels

The Joystar Totem Kids Bike with Training Wheels is perfect for children transitioning from a tricycle. Begin with training wheels for stability. Remove them when your child is ready to ride independently. This bike features a sturdy steel frame and a coaster brake for reliable stopping power. The adjustable seat and handlebar height ensure the bike fits perfectly as your child grows.

3. Pedal Bikes: Transitioning With Confidence

Pedal bikes are perfect for kids ready to move from balance bikes. These options help 5-year-olds develop confidence and cycling skills.

Co-op Cycles REV 16 Kids’ Bike

Designed for stability and ease, the Co-op Cycles REV 16 offers a lightweight aluminum frame. Weighing just 15 lbs, it’s easy for young riders to handle. The bike features rear coaster brakes and front hand brakes, preparing your child for advanced braking techniques. With removable training wheels, the REV 16 fosters independent riding as your child progresses. Plus, its bright colors and fun design make it an appealing choice for little ones.

Guardian Ethos 16″ Kids’ Bike

Guardian Ethos 16″ emphasizes safety with its patented SureStop brake system. This innovation prevents head-over-handlebar accidents by using a single lever to activate both brakes. At 17 lbs, its lightweight frame ensures easy maneuverability. Adjustments to the seat height and handlebars allow the bike to grow with your child, enhancing comfort and usability. Parents appreciate the Ethos’s combination of safety, style, and durability, making it a top choice for young cyclists transitioning confidently.

4. BMX Bikes: For the Little Adventurer

If your 5-year-old craves adventure, BMX bikes are an excellent choice. These bikes offer durability and versatility, making them perfect for young daredevils. Below is our top pick for BMX bikes.

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike is built for fun and adventure. It’s designed with a sturdy steel frame that can handle the rough and tumble of energetic kids. The bike comes with training wheels, making it easy for beginners to get comfortable before moving on to two wheels.

Equipped with a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake, it ensures reliable stopping power. The adjustable seat and handlebars grow with your child, extending the bike’s usability. The RoyalBaby Freestyle is available in multiple vibrant colors, adding a touch of personal style and excitement for your little rider.

5. Specialty Bikes: Unique Features and Designs

Specialty bikes offer unique features and designs tailored to specific needs and preferences of young kids. Two standout options in this category are designed specifically for girls.

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids

The Schwinn Elm Girls Bike combines style and functionality. Its SmartStart Geometry ensures a perfect fit for 5-year-olds by designing lighter frames, narrower pedals, and an improved gear ratio. The bike includes both a front caliper brake and a rear coaster brake, making it easy for your little one to control their speed. The adjustable seat and handlebars allow the bike to grow with your child, and the colorful design is sure to be a hit.

JOYSTAR Fairy 14 & 16 Inch Girls Kids Bike

The JOYSTAR Fairy Bike stands out with its fairy-themed design and durable build. It features a low-step steel frame, making it easier for kids to mount and dismount. The reliable coaster brakes provide safe stopping power, while the training wheels offer stability for beginners. The bike includes a front basket, perfect for carrying small toys or accessories, and comes in multiple vibrant colors that appeal to kids.


Choosing the best bike for your 5-year-old involves considering their comfort safety and the fun factor. Whether you’re leaning towards balance bikes pedal bikes or specialty bikes each option offers unique features to build confidence and skills. Keep your child’s preferences and needs in mind and you’ll find the perfect bike to make their riding experience enjoyable and memorable.

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