9 Best Electric Kettles: Top Picks for Every Need, From Travel to Smart Models

Looking for the perfect electric kettle to elevate your kitchen game? Whether you’re a tea enthusiast, a coffee lover, or just need hot water in a flash, the right electric kettle can make all the difference. With so many options on the market, finding the best one can feel overwhelming.

We’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed it down to the 9 best electric kettles available today. From sleek designs to advanced features, these kettles offer something for everyone. Dive in to discover which one suits your needs and brings convenience and style to your daily routine.

1. Stainless Steel Electric Kettles

Stainless steel electric kettles are prized for their durability and sleek design. These kettles elevate your kitchen experience with their efficient performance and stylish looks.

Features and Benefits of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kettles are exceptionally durable, resisting dents and scratches better than plastic. They provide excellent heat retention, ensuring your water stays hot for longer periods. The non-reactive material means no unwanted flavors in your water or tea. They are easy to clean and maintain, often featuring a polished finish that resists rust and corrosion. If you value both form and function, stainless steel kettles offer a high-quality, long-lasting option.

  1. Cuisinart CPK-17
    This model has six preset heat settings, perfect for different types of teas and coffees. The 1.7-liter capacity matches most needs.
  2. Breville BKE820XL
    Offers variable temperature settings and a keep-warm function. The 1.8-liter capacity and ergonomic design ensure ease of use.
  3. Hamilton Beach 40880
    Simple yet efficient, this kettle features a rapid-boil system and auto shut-off for safety. It has a 1.7-liter capacity, making it ideal for quick boiling needs.
  4. OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Kettle
    Comes with precise temperature control and a gooseneck spout for easy pouring. Its 1-liter capacity is perfect for single servings or small households.

Each model stands out for its balance of style, functionality, and durability, making them some of the best stainless steel electric kettles you can buy.

2. Glass Electric Kettles

Glass electric kettles offer a sleek, modern aesthetic that fits well with any kitchen decor. They’re easy to use, and you’d love how you can watch the water boil.

Benefits of Using Glass Electric Kettles

Observe Boiling Process: You can watch the water boil, providing a visually pleasing kitchen experience.

Ensure Health Safety: Made from high-quality, BPA-free glass, they’re safe for your health.

Monitor Cleanliness: Glass doesn’t retain odors or stains, and you can easily see when it’s time to clean.

Provide Durability: Most models feature sturdy borosilicate glass known for its durability and thermal resistance.

Top Glass Electric Kettle Picks

1. COSORI Electric Glass Kettle: Features bright LED indicator, auto shut-off, and boil-dry protection. With its rapid boil technology, you can heat 1.7 liters in minutes.

2. Mueller Premium 1500W Ultra Kettle: Boasts a sleek design with borosilicate glass and high-quality stainless steel. It heats quickly and includes boil-dry protection.

3. Hamilton Beach 40865 Glass Electric Kettle: Equipped with fast-boiling technology and safety features like automatic shut-off. It also has a convenient cord-free serving mechanism.

4. Ovente KG83 Series Glass Electric Kettle: Offers a stylish design with blue LED lighting, BPA-free materials, and a 1.5-liter capacity. It’s efficient and easy to use.

5. KitchenAid KEK1322SS: Not only does it look stunning, but it also comes with adjustable temperature settings and a 1-liter capacity, perfect for brewing tea at various temperatures.

These kettles combine functionality with transparency, letting you enjoy both form and function in your kitchen appliances.

3. Ceramic Electric Kettles

Ceramic electric kettles combine traditional aesthetics with modern technology, offering elegance and efficiency for your kitchen.

Advantages of Ceramic Over Other Materials

Insulation: Ceramic kettles provide excellent heat insulation. They keep water hot longer compared to glass or stainless steel kettles.

Health Safety: Ceramic material is free from chemicals like BPA, ensuring safer boiling. You won’t have to worry about toxins leaching into your water.

Aesthetic Appeal: These kettles come in various stylish designs, adding a charming touch to your kitchen decor. Patterns and colors allow personalization that other materials can’t offer.

Flavor Neutrality: Ceramic does not impart any flavors to the water. You get pure, untainted boiling, ideal for tea and coffee aficionados.

Durability: Ceramic kettles resist tarnishing and rusting. They maintain their look over time, even with frequent use.

Leading Ceramic Electric Kettle Models

BELLA Ceramic Electric Kettle: Known for a vibrant selection of designs, BELLA kettles provide a rapid boil feature and boil-dry protection. They’re perfect for those wanting style and functionality.

KOIOS Electric Kettle: This model boasts a double-wall construction, ensuring water stays hot while the exterior remains cool. Its 1.8-liter capacity and automatic shut-off add to the appeal.

VAVA Ceramic Electric Kettle: Featuring a minimalist design with a LED indicator light, VAVA kettles offer a 1.2-liter capacity and safety features like auto shut-off. They blend efficiency with elegance.

Loutytuo Ceramic Electric Kettle: This kettle highlights floral designs and a cool-touch handle. It includes boil-dry protection and a detachable base, making it both safe and user-friendly.

DELONGHI Electric Kettle: With a sophisticated design, DELONGHI ceramic kettles offer a 1.5-liter capacity and a rapid-boil system. The anti-scale filter ensures clean water every time.

These ceramic electric kettles merge practicality with aesthetic charm, enhancing both your kitchen’s functionality and decor.

4. Electric Kettles with Temperature Control

If you’re serious about your tea or coffee, electric kettles with temperature control are a game-changer. They allow you to precisely heat water to the ideal temperature, ensuring the best flavor extraction.

Importance of Temperature Control

Temperature control is crucial for brewing perfection. Different beverages require different temperatures to release their unique flavors. For example, green tea is best brewed at 160-180°F, while black tea needs boiling water at 212°F. Temperature control prevents overheating, preserving the delicate aroma and taste of your chosen drink.

  1. Breville BKE820XL
    Breville BKE820XL provides five preset temperatures, covering all your brewing needs. It offers a ‘Hold Temp’ feature to maintain the water’s temperature for 20 minutes, perfect for a second cup.
  2. Cuisinart CPK-17
    Cuisinart CPK-17 has six preset temperature settings, ranging from 160°F to 212°F. It features a “Keep Warm” option that keeps water at the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes, ensuring you never have to reheat.
  3. OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Kettle
    OXO Brew offers custom temperature settings in 1-degree increments from 140°F to 212°F. Its LED screen displays current and target temperatures, making precise brewing effortless.
  4. COSORI Electric Kettle
    COSORI Electric Kettle includes five temperature presets, ideal for varied teas and coffee. Its memory function lets you lift the kettle off the base for 60 seconds without it shutting off, adding convenience.
  5. Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Kettle
    Zwilling Enfinigy offers seven temperature settings from 104°F to 212°F. It’s designed with a double-wall structure, ensuring the exterior stays cool while the water stays hot.

These electric kettles with temperature control simplify the process of brewing the perfect cup, enhancing both your kitchen experience and your enjoyment of beverages.

5. Compact Electric Kettles for Travel

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your favorite hot beverages. Compact electric kettles are the perfect solution for on-the-go brewing.

Features Ideal for Travel Use

Lightweight Design: Choose a kettle that won’t weigh down your luggage. Look for models made of lightweight materials like plastic or aluminum.

Fast Boiling: Opt for a kettle that boils water quickly. This ensures you can enjoy your tea or coffee without long waits.

Dual Voltage: Select a dual-voltage kettle to use internationally without a converter. It should handle 110V and 220V.

Compact Size: Pick a kettle that’s small enough to fit in your suitcase but has enough capacity to make at least two cups of your favorite beverage.

Safety Features: Ensure the kettle has features like auto shut-off and boil-dry protection. These provide peace of mind during your travels.

Top Compact Electric Kettle Choices

1. Bonavita Mini Travel Kettle
The Bonavita Mini Travel Kettle is a top choice with its 900W power and dual voltage compatibility. It boils water quickly and efficiently.

2. Gourmia GK320 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle
This lightweight, foldable kettle is perfect for travel. The Gourmia GK320’s silicone body collapses for easy packing and has a fast-boil feature.

3. Bodum Bistro Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle
Ideal for pour-over coffee enthusiasts, the Bodum Bistro Gooseneck Electric Kettle is compact and features a precise pour spout.

4. Loutytuo Foldable Travel Electric Kettle
Compact and dual voltage, the Loutytuo Foldable Travel Electric Kettle expands when in use and collapses for storage, making it travel-friendly.

5. Proctor Silex Electric Tea Kettle
Portable and efficient, the Proctor Silex Electric Tea Kettle is a simple, reliable option with auto shut-off for added safety.

6. Smart Electric Kettles

Smart electric kettles blend convenience with cutting-edge technology, making your tea-making experience more efficient and enjoyable. These kettles often come with connectivity features that allow you to control them remotely.

Smart Features and Connectivity

Smart Features and Connectivity of smart electric kettles make them stand out. You’ll find options with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, enabling you to control the kettle using a smartphone app. Voice-activated systems like Alexa or Google Assistant are integrated into some models, letting you start boiling water with a simple command. Custom temperature settings, scheduling features, and notifications ensure your beverage is ready when you are. Safety features like auto shut-off and boil-dry protection provide peace of mind.

  1. Breville Smart Kettle Luxe: The Breville Smart Kettle Luxe offers Wi-Fi connectivity, customizable temperature settings, and five pre-programmed settings for different types of tea. Its sleek stainless steel design adds a modern touch to any kitchen.
  2. Smarter iKettle 3.0: The Smarter iKettle 3.0 lets you control your kettle through an app, schedule boiling times, and integrate with voice assistants like Alexa. It features a keep-warm function and customizable temperature settings for precise brewing.
  3. Kemoface Smart Electric Kettle: The Kemoface Smart Electric Kettle provides Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to control it with a mobile app. It offers temperature control from 104°F to 212°F and a keep-warm feature.
  4. COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle: The COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle stands out with its Wi-Fi capability and compatibility with the VeSync app and voice controls (Alexa, Google Assistant). It boasts precise temperature control, a gooseneck spout for better pour control, and five temperature presets.

7. Energy-Efficient Electric Kettles

Energy-efficient electric kettles help you save on electricity bills while being environmentally friendly. Here’s a look at their benefits and top models.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Electric Kettles

Lower Energy Consumption: Energy-efficient kettles use less electricity to boil water, reducing your overall energy consumption.

Faster Boiling Times: These kettles often have faster boiling times, making them convenient for quick tea or coffee preparations.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Using less energy helps decrease your carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Temperature Control: Energy-efficient models often come with precise temperature control, ensuring you only use the energy needed to heat water to your desired level.

Best Energy-Efficient Models

Eco Kettle 3: This model features a unique dual-chamber design that allows you to boil only the amount of water you need, significantly reducing energy wastage.

Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle: Known for its rapid boil system, this kettle combines energy efficiency with speed, making it a top choice for eco-conscious users.

Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle: With its precise temperature control and hold function, it optimizes energy use, ensuring you boil only what’s necessary.

T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living 1.0-Liter 1750-Watt Electric Mini Kettle: Designed for smaller quantities, this compact kettle is perfect for minimizing energy usage without compromising on performance.

Vektra Vacuum Insulated Electric Kettle: This innovative model retains heat longer thanks to its vacuum insulation, reducing the need for repeated boiling.

These energy-efficient electric kettles not only save you money but also promote a greener lifestyle.

8. Fast Boiling Electric Kettles

Switching to a fast boiling electric kettle can save you precious time, especially during busy mornings. Here, we explore the significance of quick boiling features and highlight the leading models available today.

Importance of Quick Boiling Features

Reducing Wait Time
Quick boiling kettles speed up your routine by boiling water in under five minutes, ideal for busy schedules.

Energy Efficiency
Fast boiling kettles use high-powered motors and efficient heating elements, reducing overall energy consumption.

Convenient Brewing
Quick boiling models enhance convenience by rapidly heating water for tea, coffee, oatmeal, or instant soups, fitting seamlessly into your daily life.

Leading Fast Boiling Electric Kettles

Breville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature Kettle
Boiling quickly, this kettle offers five preset temperatures and a 1500-watt heating element.

Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle
Heated in minutes with 1500 watts, this kettle features a cordless design and automatic shut-off.

AmazonBasics Electric Kettle 1.0 Liter
Cost-effective and efficient, boiling water in three minutes with a 1500-watt element.

Mueller Austria Electric Kettle
Made with 1500 watts for rapid boiling, it’s equipped with safety features like boil-dry protection.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Electric Kettle
Delivers quick boiling with 1500 watts and features six preset heat settings for various teas.

Secura SWK-1701DB Double Wall Electric Kettle
With 1500 watts, this kettle boasts fast boiling times and insulation to keep water hot longer.

Ovente KP72W Electric Kettle
Designed for quick heating with a 1100-watt element, it offers a budget-friendly option for fast boiling.

BLACK+DECKER KE1500B Rapid Boil Electric Kettle
Combining a 1500-watt element with rapid boiling, it includes boil-dry protection and auto shut-off for safety.

Miroco MI-EK003 Electric Kettle
Features 1500 watts for quick boiling and a sleek design with safety features like boil-dry protection and auto shut-off.

9. Budget-Friendly Electric Kettles

Finding an electric kettle that balances quality and affordability is crucial for any budget-conscious kitchen. Here are key factors and some top models to simplify your choice.

How to Choose a Budget-Friendly Electric Kettle

Prioritize essential features. Look for basic functionalities like easy-to-read water level markings, automatic shutoff, and boil-dry protection, which are crucial for safety and convenience.

Consider the material. Plastic electric kettles tend to be more affordable than stainless steel or glass options. However, ensure the plastic is BPA-free to avoid potential health risks.

Check the capacity. Choose a kettle that fits your household needs. If you primarily make single servings, a smaller, more compact model can save both space and money.

Evaluate the brand. Established brands often offer more reliable products. Read user reviews to gauge long-term performance and durability.

Best Affordable Electric Kettle Models

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle
Offers reliability and functionality at a low cost. Features include auto shutoff, boil-dry protection, and a drip-free spout for easy pouring.

2. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle
Provides great value with its sleek stainless-steel design. Boasts a 1-liter capacity, cordless design for easy filling, and boil-dry protection for safety.

3. Black+Decker KE1500B
Combines affordability with useful features. It has a rapid-boil system, easy-to-read water windows, and an auto shutoff function.

4. Ovente KP72W
Stylish and compact, it offers a great blend of functionality and price. Comes with a 1.7-liter capacity, BPA-free plastic, and a removable spout filter.

5. Proctor Silex 1 Liter Electric Kettle
An ultra-budget-friendly option. Features include a straightforward on/off switch, auto shutoff, and a detachable cord for easy handling.

6. Chefman Electric Glass Kettle
Adds a touch of sophistication without breaking the bank. Includes a bright LED indicator, cordless serving, and a 1.8-liter capacity.

7. Cosori Electric Kettle
Features a sleek design with premium-quality borosilicate glass. Offers an auto shutoff, boil-dry protection, and a stainless-steel filter.

8. Aicok Electric Kettle
Durable and efficient, this kettle features a 1.7-liter capacity, stainless-steel build, auto shutoff, and LED illumination that indicates the boiling process.

9. Epica 6-Temperature Variable Electric Kettle
A bit pricier but still affordable, it offers multiple temperature settings, a keep-warm function, and a sleek stainless-steel body.


Choosing the right electric kettle can significantly enhance your kitchen experience. Whether you prioritize speed, energy efficiency, or smart features, there’s an option to fit your needs. Stainless steel, glass, and ceramic models offer durability and style, while compact designs are perfect for travel.

Smart kettles with connectivity features bring convenience, and budget-friendly options don’t skimp on essential features. Remember to consider materials, capacity, and brand reliability when making your choice. With the right electric kettle, you’ll enjoy a seamless and efficient way to boil water every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of stainless steel electric kettles?

Stainless steel electric kettles are durable, resistant to rust, and generally safer as they avoid the risk of plastic leaching into the water. They also tend to heat water quickly and are easy to clean.

Are glass electric kettles safe to use?

Yes, glass electric kettles are safe and have the advantage of being visually appealing. They are often made from borosilicate glass, which can withstand high temperatures, and you can easily see the water level and boiling progress.

Why should I consider a ceramic electric kettle?

Ceramic electric kettles are known for their aesthetic appeal and ability to retain heat well. They often come in various designs, adding a decorative element to your kitchen, and do not impart any flavors to the boiling water.

What are the advantages of electric kettles with temperature control?

Electric kettles with temperature control allow you to heat water to the precise temperature needed for different beverages, such as tea or coffee, enhancing flavor extraction and ensuring optimal brewing.

Are compact electric kettles suitable for travel?

Compact electric kettles are ideal for travel due to their small size and portability. They typically come with universal voltage options, making them convenient for international travel.

What features do smart electric kettles offer?

Smart electric kettles often feature Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control them remotely via a smartphone app. You can set boiling schedules, adjust temperatures, and receive notifications when your water is ready.

Why are energy-efficient electric kettles important?

Energy-efficient electric kettles consume less power, reducing your electricity bills and environmental impact. They typically boil water faster, conserving energy and saving you time.

What are the benefits of fast boiling electric kettles?

Fast boiling electric kettles significantly reduce waiting times, making them convenient for busy mornings or when you need hot water quickly. Models like the Breville BKE820XL and Hamilton Beach 40880 are known for their speed and efficiency.

What should I look for in a budget-friendly electric kettle?

When choosing a budget-friendly electric kettle, consider essential features like auto shutoff, boil-dry protection, material quality (preferably stainless steel or glass), capacity, and brand reliability. These basics ensure safety, durability, and good performance.

Which budget-friendly electric kettle models are recommended?

Top budget-friendly models include the Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, and Black+Decker KE1500B. They offer essential features like auto shutoff and boil-dry protection, providing excellent value for money.

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