9 Best Kitchen Trash Cans for 2024: Top Picks for Clean and Organized Spaces

9 Best Kitchen Trash Cans for 2024: Top Picks for Clean and Organized Spaces

Choosing the right kitchen trash can might seem like a small decision, but it can significantly impact your daily routine. Whether you’re dealing with food scraps, packaging, or general waste, a well-designed trash can helps keep your kitchen clean and organized.

In this article, we’ll explore the 9 best kitchen trash cans that combine functionality, design, and durability. From sleek stainless steel models to hands-free options with motion sensors, there’s a perfect fit for every kitchen style and need. Let’s dive in and find the trash can that will make your kitchen chores a breeze.

Type 1: Best Automatic Kitchen Trash Can

Automatic kitchen trash cans make waste disposal easier and more hygienic. These touchless models use sensors to open the lid, ensuring minimal contact and reducing the spread of germs.

Our Top Pick for Touchless Disposal

The “Simplehuman Sensor Can” stands out as our top pick. It features a responsive motion sensor for hands-free operation and a sleek stainless steel design that complements any kitchen decor. The lid opens smoothly and quietly, and the liner rim flips down to help secure the trash bag, keeping it out of sight.

  • Touchless Operation: Reduces contact with germs. Sensors detect motion and open the lid instantly.
  • Quiet and Smooth Lid Mechanism: Enhances the user experience.
  • Odor Control: Many models include features like carbon filters to trap smells.
  • Durability: High-quality materials like stainless steel ensure longevity.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Removable inner buckets facilitate effortless cleaning.
  • Battery or Plug-in Options: Some models run on batteries, while others offer plug-in capabilities for convenience.

Automatic kitchen trash cans combine hygiene and convenience, making them a smart investment for your home.

Type 2: Best Manual Kitchen Trash Can

Manual kitchen trash cans are a straightforward option, giving you control without relying on batteries or sensors. These models offer simplicity and reliability in any kitchen.

Best Budget-Friendly Manual Trash Can

The Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket is an excellent choice for those seeking affordability without compromising on functionality. It features a durable plastic design, a step-on mechanism for hands-free operation, and a secure lid to contain odors. The Rubbermaid model also comes in various sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your space perfectly.

Advantages of Manual Trash Cans

Manual trash cans have several benefits worth considering. First, they don’t need batteries or electricity, which saves you money and hassle in the long run. Second, they tend to have fewer mechanical parts, which means less maintenance and a longer lifespan. Finally, manual models often come at a lower price point, making them an economical choice for budget-conscious households.

Type 3: Best Dual-Compartment Kitchen Trash Can

Dual-compartment kitchen trash cans are perfect for those who need an organized way to manage waste and recycling. With two separate sections, these cans make it easy to sort your trash.

Top Choice for Recycling and Waste

The Simplehuman Dual Compartment Step Trash Can stands out for its innovative design and functionality. The can features two side-by-side compartments: one for trash and another for recyclables. Each compartment has its own bucket, making it easy to remove and clean. The stainless steel construction is fingerprint-proof, ensuring a clean look at all times. Its soft-close lid ensures quiet operation, and the pedal mechanism means you won’t need to use your hands. This trash can combines practicality with a sleek design, complementing any modern kitchen.

Why Dual-Compartment Trash Cans Are Effective

Dual-compartment trash cans simplify waste management. Having two sections allows you to sort trash and recyclables without needing multiple bins scattered around your kitchen. This not only saves space but also keeps your kitchen tidy. These cans come with separate liners for each compartment, making it easy to take out only the section you need to empty. They’re great for eco-conscious households looking to streamline their recycling efforts. Moreover, the premium materials and design of dual-compartment cans often match contemporary kitchen aesthetics while offering durability and ease of use.

Type 4: Best Under-Sink Kitchen Trash Can

The best under-sink kitchen trash cans are ideal for kitchens with limited space, keeping your trash out of sight while maximizing functionality.

Our Favorite Compact Design

The Simplehuman In-Cabinet Trash Can is our top pick for compact design. It features a sturdy steel frame that hangs securely over any cabinet door. It even includes a removable plastic bin for easy cleaning. This 10-liter can is perfect for storing food scraps or small waste items, making it a practical addition to any kitchen. You can use standard grocery bags as liners, which adds convenience.

Under-Sink Trash Cans: Maximizing Space

An under-sink trash can maximizes your kitchen space by utilizing the often-overlooked area under your sink. These cans fit neatly inside the cabinet, cleverly using vertical space. You can easily organize your trash within arm’s reach, keeping your kitchen tidy. Look for models with sliding rails, as they make accessing the bin simple, even in cramped spaces. Brands like Rev-A-Shelf offer pull-out trash cans that are customizable in size, ensuring you get the best fit for your cabinet space.

Type 5: Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can

Best Durable Stainless Steel Can

Consider the Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can for durability. Made of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, this can withstand heavy use. Its strong pedal mechanism ensures longevity for over 150,000 steps. The silent close lid and internal hinge design save space and reduce noise.

Benefits of Stainless Steel in a Trash Can

Choose stainless steel for a sleek, modern look. It resists fingerprints, keeping your kitchen looking clean. It’s also more durable than plastic, offering excellent resistance to dents and scratches. Stainless steel is easy to clean, maintaining hygiene and extending the can’s lifespan.

Type 6: Plastic Kitchen Trash Can

Plastic kitchen trash cans combine affordability with functionality, making them a popular choice for many households.

Top Plastic Picks that Last

Rubbermaid Step-On: This durable model offers a hinged lid that opens with a step pedal, delivering hands-free convenience. Its sturdy plastic construction ensures long-term use.

Umbra Venti: Umbra’s Venti features a sleek design with a domed lid that keeps trash out of sight. Its wide base enhances stability, and the 16.5-gallon capacity accommodates larger households.

Simplehuman Slim Plastic Step Can: The Simplehuman Slim is ideal for narrow spaces. Its strong steel pedal and slim profile make it a durable and space-efficient choice.

Why Opt For Plastic in Kitchen Trash Cans

Affordability: Plastic trash cans tend to be more cost-effective than metal, making them suitable for budget-conscious buyers.

Lightweight: They are easy to move around, which is useful for cleaning or repositioning within your kitchen.

Variety of Designs: Plastic models come in multiple colors and designs, allowing you to match your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Resistant to Rust and Corrosion: Unlike metal cans, plastic is immune to rust and corrosion, increasing its longevity.

Type 7: Best Decorative Kitchen Trash Can

When it comes to combining functionality with aesthetics, decorative kitchen trash cans are an excellent choice. These stylish bins not only serve their primary purpose but also elevate the overall look of your kitchen.

Our Selection for Style and Function

Choosing an attractive yet practical trash can can make your kitchen more inviting. Our top pick is the Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can. This bin features an eye-catching design with dual-opening butterfly lids that fit perfectly under low countertops. Its fingerprint-proof finish keeps it looking pristine, while the strong steel pedal ensures effortless use. Best of all, it comes in various colors to seamlessly blend with your kitchen decor.

Decorative Trash Cans to Enhance Your Kitchen Decor

Opting for decorative trash cans adds a touch of elegance to your space. Consider the Home Zone Living Decorative Trash Can for its chic look and efficient performance. This can’s textured exterior and soft-close lid make it an attractive and silent addition to your home. Available in several finishes, it complements both modern and traditional kitchens alike. For a more rustic vibe, the BirdRock Home Seagrass Wastebasket with its natural woven design is ideal.

Decorative trash cans enrich your kitchen by combining style with utility, making them a smart investment for any home.

Type 8: Best Odor-Control Kitchen Trash Can

Odor-control kitchen trash cans are essential for maintaining a fresh and welcoming kitchen environment. Designed to trap and neutralize smells, they ensure your kitchen stays pleasant.

Leading in Smell-Prevention

The Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can with Clorox Odor Protection leads the way in smell-prevention. This can combines sleek design with superior odor control features. Its Clorox antimicrobial protection inhibits bacteria growth, reducing odors and keeping the bin cleaner. Additionally, the foot pedal mechanism ensures a hands-free operation, which limits the spread of germs.

How Odor-Control Mechanisms Work

Odor-control mechanisms in trash cans work primarily through air-tight seals and carbon filters. Air-tight seals trap odors inside the bin, preventing them from escaping into your kitchen. Carbon filters absorb and neutralize foul smells, ensuring that your trash can remains odor-free. Brands like iTouchless offer models with replaceable carbon filters, extending the effectiveness of odor control over time. By integrating these mechanisms, these trash cans provide a clean and hygienic solution for your kitchen waste.

Type 9: Best Innovative Kitchen Trash Can

Innovative trash cans revolutionize waste disposal with cutting-edge technology and ease of use.

Cutting-Edge Trash Can Technology

Advanced sensor technology offers hands-free operation, reducing the spread of germs. Imagine a smart sensor that opens the lid as you approach and closes it after you dispose of your waste, much like the Simplehuman Sensor Can. UV-C sterilization technology actively sanitizes the trash can, keeping it odor-free and hygienic. CleanRobotics’s Trashbot even sorts recyclables and trash automatically, enhancing your waste management system.

Innovations That Make Disposal Easier

Built-in compactors reduce the volume of your waste, saving space in your kitchen. The capacity to compact trash without needing to empty it frequently provides convenience for busy households. Self-sealing and self-changing trash bags ensure you never touch the waste, as seen in products like TOWNEW T1 and T1S. Voice-activated controls let you command the trash can to open or close, integrating seamlessly with smart home systems for a hands-free experience.


Choosing the right kitchen trash can can significantly enhance your kitchen’s functionality and cleanliness. From sensor-operated models to those with odor control features, there’s a perfect fit for every need and preference. Whether you prefer the sleek design of stainless steel or the practicality of plastic, modern options offer advanced features like self-sealing bags and voice-activated controls. Investing in a high-quality trash can not only makes waste disposal more convenient but also keeps your kitchen hygienic and odor-free. Explore these top picks to find the one that best suits your lifestyle and kitchen aesthetics.

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