9 Best Nightstands for Every Budget and Style - Top Picks for 2024

9 Best Nightstands for Every Budget and Style – Top Picks for 2024

Your bedroom isn’t complete without the perfect nightstand. Whether you need a spot for your nightly read, a place to charge your devices, or just a stylish accent to tie the room together, the right nightstand can make all the difference. But with so many options out there, how do you choose?

We’ve done the legwork for you and rounded up the 9 best nightstands that combine functionality and style. From sleek modern designs to classic wooden pieces, there’s something on this list for every taste and budget. Read on to find the nightstand that will elevate your bedroom to the next level.

Factor 1: Material Choices for Durability and Style

Choosing the right material for your nightstand not only affects its durability but also its style. Here are some popular options to consider:

Wood Nightstands: Classic and Versatile

Wood nightstands offer timeless appeal and versatility. They’re available in various finishes, from dark mahogany to light oak, allowing you to match your existing decor. Solid wood options, like maple or walnut, are durable and can last for years. For a more budget-friendly choice, consider engineered wood, which mimics the look of solid wood without the hefty price tag.

Metal Nightstands: Modern and Sleek

Metal nightstands bring a modern, sleek touch to your bedroom. They often feature minimalistic designs, making them perfect for contemporary spaces. Look for powder-coated finishes to prevent rust and ensure longevity. These nightstands are typically sturdy, handling wear and tear with ease, and they come in various colors and finishes such as matte black or brushed nickel.

Wicker and Plastic: Affordable and Lightweight

Wicker and plastic nightstands are ideal for those seeking affordability and lightweight options. Wicker nightstands add a rustic, bohemian charm and are perfect for less formal settings. Plastic nightstands, often available in a range of vibrant colors, are easy to clean and move around. Though they may not offer the same durability as wood or metal, their low cost and practical benefits make them a popular choice for many.

Factor 2: Size and Proportions

Finding the right nightstand goes beyond style—it’s crucial to consider size and proportions to make sure it fits seamlessly into your space.

Matching Nightstand Height with Bed Height

Measure the height of your bed before shopping. A good rule of thumb is to have the nightstand nearly level with the top of your mattress. This puts everything within easy reach and enhances the room’s symmetry. Most nightstands range from 24 to 28 inches tall, so choose one that aligns with your bed’s height for both aesthetic and practical benefits.

Considering Floor Space and Layout

Evaluate the space around your bed. Consider the width and depth of the nightstand to ensure it doesn’t overcrowd the area. Leave enough room for movement and other furniture. Wider beds often look proportional with larger nightstands, while narrower spaces favor more compact options. Balancing floor space with layout ensures a cohesive and functional bedroom design.

Factor 3: Storage Options

Choosing the right storage options in your nightstand can significantly impact both functionality and aesthetics. Let’s explore the different configurations and their benefits.

Drawer Configurations for Diverse Needs

Options like single-drawer, double-drawer, and even multi-drawer nightstands cater to various needs. Single-drawer nightstands provide a minimalist look and are perfect for those who prefer simplicity. Double-drawer configurations, on the other hand, offer additional space for storing items such as books, glasses, and remote controls. Multi-drawer nightstands cater to those who need more compartmentalized storage, allowing you to organize items like charging cables, medicine, and small personal items efficiently.

Open Shelves Vs. Hidden Storage

Open shelves provide easy access to frequently used items like books and decorative pieces. These are ideal for those who enjoy showcasing their possessions and keeping essentials within reach. However, hidden storage options, including closed cabinets and drawers, offer a clutter-free look by concealing personal items from view. This can be especially beneficial in maintaining a tidy bedside appearance. Opt for hidden storage if you have essentials that you prefer to keep out of sight, such as electronics or personal documents.

Factor 4: Style and Design

Choosing a nightstand involves more than just functionality; style and design are crucial to ensuring your nightstand complements your bedroom decor.

Modern and Minimalist Nightstands

Modern and minimalist nightstands focus on clean lines, sleek surfaces, and simple forms. These designs often feature neutral colors and materials like metal, glass, and light woods. Look for nightstands with hidden storage or open shelves to keep your space uncluttered. Examples include the IKEA MALM and West Elm Mid-Century.

Traditional and Rustic Options

Traditional and rustic nightstands emphasize craftsmanship, natural materials, and details like carved wood or antique hardware. These nightstands often come in warmer tones and feature rich wood finishes like oak or walnut. You might consider options like the Pottery Barn Bedford or the Alaterre Shaker Cottage End Table.

Unique and Eclectic Designs

Unique and eclectic nightstands are perfect for adding personality to your bedroom. These designs often incorporate unexpected shapes, colors, and materials. Think of reclaimed wood, upcycled furniture, or even a stacked books design. For versatility, check out the Anthropologie Terrain Nightstand or the Urban Outfitters Tabitha Nightstand.

Factor 5: Color and Finish

Color and finish play a crucial role in tying your nightstand to the rest of your bedroom decor. Let’s explore how to choose the right colors and finishes for your nightstand.

Neutral Colors for Easy Matching

Neutral colors like white, gray, or beige make it simpler to match your nightstand with various decor styles. These hues blend seamlessly with most color schemes and can provide a calm, cohesive look. A white nightstand, for example, can complement a room with pastel tones, while a gray finish can harmonize with both modern and traditional interiors.

Bold and Accent Colors for a Statement

Choosing bold colors for your nightstand can create a striking focal point. Think colors like navy, emerald green, or even mustard yellow. These accent colors can infuse energy into your bedroom, allowing your nightstand to stand out against more subdued elements. For instance, an emerald green nightstand can add a pop of color to a neutral room, making the space feel lively and dynamic.

Factor 6: Top-Rated Nightstands for Specific Needs

Selecting a nightstand to suit your specific needs can elevate your bedroom’s functionality and style. Here are some top options:

Best Nightstands for Small Spaces

Pick compact nightstands with a streamlined design to maximize space. For example, the HAY Night Stand is only 15 inches wide, yet offers ample storage with two deep drawers. Go for wall-mounted or floating nightstands like the West Elm Mid-Century Wall-Mounted Nightstand to save floor space while providing storage for essentials. Opt for multifunctional pieces like the IKEA BRIMNES nightstand, which features a pull-out shelf that works as an extra table or workstation when needed.

Top Choices for Luxurious Bedrooms

Choose nightstands with high-end materials and classic designs to add luxury. The Pottery Barn Livingston Nightstand is perfect, crafted from kiln-dried wood with antique brass hardware, making it a standout piece. Look for nightstands with upholstered finishes, such as the RH French Contemporary Side Table, which combines marble tops and velvet accents for a rich, textural look. Consider mirrored nightstands like the Z Gallerie Metro Nightstand to reflect light and add a touch of glamor instantly to your bedroom space.

Factor 7: Smart Nightstands for Tech-Savvy Homes

Smart nightstands can elevate your bedroom’s functionality, making them perfect for tech-savvy homes. Here are some features to look for:

Features Like Built-In Chargers and Lights

Built-in Chargers: Consider nightstands with integrated USB ports and outlets for convenient device charging without cluttering your space.

Built-in Lights: Look for models with built-in LED lights, which can provide ambient lighting and make nighttime reading easier.

Wireless Charging and Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless Charging: Opt for nightstands equipped with wireless charging pads to effortlessly power up your devices by placing them on the nightstand.

Bluetooth Speakers: Choose nightstands with built-in Bluetooth speakers to enjoy music or podcasts directly from your nightstand, enhancing your relaxation time.

Factor 8: Budget Considerations

Finding the perfect nightstand doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for affordable options or ready to splurge, there’s something for everyone.

Affordable Models Under $100

You can find great nightstands without spending a fortune. For under $100, you can get stylish and functional pieces that won’t compromise on quality. Look for materials like MDF or particleboard, which offer durability without the high cost. Brands like IKEA and Target have excellent choices, including:

  • IKEA Hemnes: Made from solid wood, this model offers a classic design with a single drawer and a lower shelf.
  • Mainstays Classic: Available at Walmart, this simple yet functional piece provides ample storage with its open shelf design.

Premium Options for Splurge-Worthy Investment

If you’re willing to invest in premium nightstands, you’ll find options that exude luxury and sophistication. Prices range from $200 to over $1,000, featuring high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Consider these top choices:

  • West Elm Mid-Century Nightstand: Made with sustainably sourced wood, this nightstand combines a sleek design with practical storage options.
  • Pottery Barn Parkton Reclaimed Oak: This high-end piece offers a rustic charm with its reclaimed oak construction and hand-finished details.

Investing more in a nightstand ensures longevity and enhances your bedroom’s overall aesthetic.

Factor 9: Assembly and Maintenance

Ease of Assembly

Opting for an easy-to-assemble nightstand can save you time and frustration. Look for nightstands that come with clear instructions and all necessary tools. Many popular brands, like IKEA, offer products that you can put together in under an hour. If you’re not handy, you might want to choose a nightstand that comes pre-assembled.

Tips for Long-Term Care and Maintenance

Maintain your nightstand to ensure it looks great and lasts longer. Dust it regularly with a soft, dry cloth to prevent buildup that can damage the finish. For wooden nightstands, use a quality furniture polish once a month. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or near heating vents to prevent warping or fading. Use coasters to protect the surface from water rings and spills.


Selecting the right nightstand can significantly enhance your bedroom’s functionality and style. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a luxurious piece, there’s something out there to meet your needs. Consider smart features if you’re tech-savvy and prioritize ease of assembly and maintenance. Investing wisely in a nightstand not only elevates your bedroom’s aesthetic but also ensures durability and convenience. Your perfect nightstand awaits—choose one that complements your lifestyle and decor seamlessly.

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