Discover the 9 Best On Running Shoes for Every Terrain and Workout

9 Best On Running Shoes for Every Terrain and Workout

Finding the perfect running shoes can feel like a marathon in itself. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, the right pair can make all the difference in your performance and comfort.

Exploring the 9 Best On Running Shoes

Selecting the right running shoes can elevate your performance. Let’s dive into the criteria and categories to help you choose the best pair.

Criteria for Selection

Comfort is paramount. When selecting running shoes, ensure they offer cushioning and support. Durability matters whether you’re a casual runner or a marathoner. Opt for shoes with robust materials. Weight is crucial, with lighter options helping speed without sacrificing support. Breathability prevents overheating, so choose models with mesh panels. Finally, design and aesthetics can boost morale, making you feel good every time you step out for a run.

Overview of Different Categories

Road Running Shoes suit asphalt and man-made surfaces. They offer optimal traction and cushioning for those conditions. Trail Running Shoes are perfect for off-road paths. These shoes provide extra grip and stability on uneven terrains. Hybrid Running Shoes combine elements of both for versatility in mixed environments. They’re great for runners who encounter varied terrains. Racing Flats are lightweight and designed for speed. Use them for competitions and speedwork. Training Shoes provide more cushioning and support for daily runs. They withstand more wear and tear from frequent use. Specialty Shoes cater to specific needs like triathlons or recovery runs, offering unique features for those requirements.

Discovering the Cloud Series

When it comes to running shoes, the Cloud series by On Running stands out for its innovation and excellence. Explore the top picks from this series to find your perfect pair.

Cloud X: Versatility Unleashed

The Cloud X is engineered for those who seek versatility in their running shoes. Whether you’re hitting the gym or the pavement, these shoes offer superior comfort and support. The lightweight design ensures you remain agile while the CloudTec® sole provides responsive cushioning. Perfect for mixed workouts and short runs, the Cloud X adapts to your needs, making it a must-have for versatile athletes.

Cloudswift: Engineered for Urban Running

Designed specifically for urban environments, the Cloudswift offers unparalleled comfort for city runners. The Helion™ superfoam cushions your every step, absorbing impact on hard surfaces. These shoes feature breathable, engineered mesh, ensuring your feet stay cool. The Cloudswift also boasts a durable rubber outsole, providing exceptional grip on wet and dry roads. Ideal for urban adventurers, these shoes will help you navigate city streets with ease and style.

Unveiling the Speed Models

Speed and agility matter when it comes to competitive running. The following models from On Running are perfect for runners seeking top-notch performance.

Cloudflow: Perfect for Racing

Designed for speed, the Cloudflow combines lightweight materials with responsive technology. Its Helion™ superfoam ensures cushioning, while the Speedboard™ propels you forward with every stride. Ideal for races, the Cloudflow offers a snug fit and a sleek design. For instance, elite athletes often choose the Cloudflow for its balance of comfort and speed, making it a popular choice in 5Ks and 10Ks.

Cloudboom Echo: Made for Marathons

Built for endurance, the Cloudboom Echo is perfect for marathon runners. It features a carbon-fiber Speedboard™ for maximum efficiency and a double layer of Helion™ superfoam for prolonged comfort. The engineered mesh upper provides breathability and a secure fit. Runners aiming for distance appreciate the Cloudboom Echo’s durability and energy return. Many marathoners have praised its ability to reduce fatigue, even during the longest runs.

Highlighting All-Terrain Options

As you consider all-terrain running shoes, it’s crucial to focus on traction and protection to enhance your outdoor experience. Let’s explore two top-performing models from On Running tailored for different kinds of challenging terrains.

Cloudventure: Trail Running Mastery

Experience the ultimate trail running adventure with the Cloudventure. These shoes offer excellent grip with Missiongrip™ technology, keeping you steady on muddy and rocky surfaces. The lightweight yet durable upper ensures you stay comfortable mile after mile. With Cloudventure, you get precise control during descents, thanks to the Zero-Gravity heel cushioning. Whether you’re navigating steep hills or rugged paths, these shoes are designed to keep you agile and secure.

Cloudrock Waterproof: For Challenging Terrains

Tackle the toughest terrains with the Cloudrock Waterproof shoes. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, these shoes feature a waterproof membrane ensuring dry feet in wet environments. The high collar and secure fit provide added ankle support, crucial for uneven trails. With a combination of Missiongrip™ and Swiss-engineered FlexLock system, you gain superior traction and stability. Perfect for hiking and fast-packing, Cloudrock Waterproof shoes ensure you remain protected and comfortable, no matter the adventure.

Emphasizing the Lightweight Lineup

On Running’s lightweight lineup focuses on providing optimal support without compromising weight. Perfect for long runs and ultra-distance achievements, these models strike a balance between comfort and performance.

Cloudflyer: Lightweight Support for Long Runs

The Cloudflyer offers unparalleled support for long-distance runs. Weighing only about 10 ounces, this model includes Helion™ superfoam for an ultra-responsive feel. You’ll appreciate the wide base for stability and the star lacing pattern, which ensures a snug fit.

Cloudstratus: Double the Cushioning, Double the Distance

The Cloudstratus features dual layers of CloudTec® for superior cushioning. This model weighs approximately 11 ounces, ideal for running long distances. Experience enhanced comfort with each stride, thanks to the innovative dual Cloud elements. Plus, the engineered mesh provides breathability, keeping your feet cool on extended runs.

Focusing on Innovation and Design

Cloud Dip: Durable with a Bold Aesthetic

On Running’s Cloud Dip combines durability with standout design. Featuring a rugged canvas upper, it offers resilience against wear and tear. The Cloud Dip includes a robust mudguard for extra protection during your trail runs. Visually striking, it adds a bold edge to your running gear. The shoe retains On’s signature CloudTec® sole for comfort and impact absorption. Ideal for adventurous runners who seek both style and performance in a running shoe.

Cloudsurfer: Response Meets Comfort

The Cloudsurfer excels by merging responsiveness with plush comfort. Its engineered mesh upper ensures ventilation and provides a snug fit. This model features the Speedboard™ technology, enhancing your forward motion. The Cloudsurfer integrates dual-density cushioning, offering a softer landing and firm take-off. Suitable for road running and daily training, this shoe caters to those who want balanced support and quick response in every stride.


Choosing the right running shoes can make all the difference in your performance and comfort. On Running’s Cloud series offers a variety of options to suit different needs, from urban running to marathon racing. Whether you need a shoe for mixed workouts like the Cloud X or a durable trail option like the Cloud Dip, On Running has you covered. Their commitment to innovation and design ensures you’ll find a shoe that not only performs well but also looks great. Explore the range and find the perfect pair to elevate your running experience.

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