9 Best Phone Plans for 1 Person: Affordable, Flexible, and Feature-Rich Options

Choosing the right phone plan can feel like navigating a maze, especially when you’re just looking for something that fits your solo lifestyle. With countless options and features, finding the perfect plan can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Best Overall Value Plan

Choosing the best overall value plan can simplify your decision-making process.

Key Features and Benefits

This plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data. You get 5G access at no extra cost, ensuring you’re always connected at high speeds. Additionally, there’s free international texting which is perfect if you have friends and family abroad. The plan also includes several streaming perks like Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, adding extra value to your monthly subscription.

Price and Contract Details

For just $70 per month, you get all these features without any long-term contract. If you prefer flexibility, you’ll appreciate the option to switch or cancel anytime without penalties. There are no hidden fees, so the $70 is what you actually pay.

2. Best Budget-Friendly Plan

Choosing a budget-friendly phone plan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice essential features. Several providers offer great services at low costs, making it easier to stay connected.

Services and Limitations

Most budget-friendly plans include unlimited talk and text, but data limits can vary. You might get 2GB of data, which is enough for basic browsing and social media. However, streaming videos or using GPS for extended periods could quickly eat up your data. Look for a plan with data rollover so unused data from one month carries over to the next. A popular example is Mint Mobile’s $15-per-month plan, offering 4GB of LTE data, unlimited text and talk, and free international calls to Mexico and Canada.

Cost Comparison

When comparing costs, it’s crucial to consider both the monthly fee and any additional charges. Here’s a table summarizing some top budget-friendly options:

ProviderPlanMonthly CostData AllowanceAdditional Features
Mint Mobile4GB Plan$154GBFree international calls to Mexico/Canada
TelloBuild Your Own$101GBFlexible customization
H2O Wireless3GB Plan$203GBUnlimited international text

With these plans, you can choose one that fits your individual needs and budget, ensuring you get the most value without overspending.

3. Best Unlimited Data Plan

Finding the best unlimited data plan can save you from the stress of overage charges and data throttling. Let’s look at the advantages and cost comparisons to help you make the best choice.

Benefits of Unlimited Data

Unlimited streaming. Watch videos, stream music, and play games without worrying about hitting data caps.

Peace of mind. No surprise bills or overage charges, allowing you to use your data freely.

5G access. Most unlimited plans come with 5G connectivity, providing faster speeds and a better browsing experience.

Seamless multitasking. Use multiple apps and services simultaneously without lag, ideal for busy lifestyles.

Comparing Costs Among Providers

Verizon. Offers the Get More Unlimited plan at $90/month with unlimited 5G data, Apple Music, Disney+, and more. A premium option with extensive perks.

T-Mobile. The Magenta Max plan costs $85/month, including unlimited 5G data, Netflix, and international texting. A balanced plan with strong features.

AT&T. The Unlimited Elite plan is $85/month, featuring unlimited 5G data, HBO Max, and priority data speed. A competitive choice for streaming enthusiasts.

Visible. A $40/month plan that includes unlimited 5G data via Verizon’s network. An affordable option without sacrificing quality.

Mint Mobile. Offers a $30/month plan with unlimited data and 5GB of hotspot. Excellent value for heavy data users on a budget.

Each provider has unique perks and pricing strategies, so aligning them with your usage and budget will help you make an informed decision.

4. Best No-Contract Plan

No-contract plans offer incredible freedom and flexibility. You won’t be bound by long-term commitments and can switch providers whenever you need.

Flexibility of No-Contract Plans

Enjoy total freedom with no-contract plans. You’re not tied to a long-term commitment, meaning you can switch providers without penalties. This flexibility is perfect for those who want to test different networks or have varying data needs each month. If you’re not happy with your current service, you can easily switch to a better option.

Pricing Options

Find a range of pricing options with no-contract plans. They often come at lower monthly rates because there’s no obligation to stick around. For example, Visible offers an unlimited data plan for only $40 per month, while Mint Mobile provides plans starting at $15 per month for 4GB of data. Google Fi is another great choice, offering customizable plans where you pay $10 per GB of data, ensuring you only pay for what you use. Prospective customers can enjoy competitive rates and tailored plans to suit their specific needs without any long-term pressures.

5. Best Plan for International Calls

Finding the right phone plan for international calls can save you a lot of money. Here, we’ll explore a stellar option that balances coverage and cost-effectiveness.

Coverage and Countries Included

Choose a plan with extensive coverage and a wide range of included countries. T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus plan is a top contender, offering free international calling from the US to over 70 countries. You’ll also get unlimited texting and data in over 210 countries. Verizon’s Unlimited Together Plan lets you call landlines in 69 countries and mobiles in 20 countries at no extra cost. Lastly, Google Fi’s Flexible Plan covers 200+ destinations with seamless transitions between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Look at plans offering the best value for international calls. T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus costs $85 per month, giving you unlimited international features on top of domestic benefits. Verizon’s Unlimited Together costs an additional $5 per month on top of your existing plan, making it affordable for frequent international calls. Google Fi’s Flexible Plan charges $10 per GB used, with international calls to 200 destinations costing only 20 cents per minute. These plans ensure you’re not overpaying while staying connected across borders.

6. Best Plan with Family Upgrade Options

Finding a phone plan that allows easy upgrades to a family plan can save you money and hassle in the long run. Here, we focus on the best options to scale from a single line to multi-line plans while getting the best value.

Scaling Up to Family Plans

Considering a plan that lets you upgrade to a family plan can be wise. Plans like T-Mobile Magenta and AT&T Unlimited Starter are designed for seamless transitions. T-Mobile Magenta starts at $70 for one line but offers incredible savings as you add more lines. For example, four lines will cost you $140, bringing the per-line cost down to $35.

AT&T’s Unlimited Starter plan begins at $65 for a single line and decreases significantly in cost per line when you upgrade to family plans. Three lines cost $120 total, which is just $40 per line. These options ensure you’re ready for any family growth while keeping costs manageable.

Single vs Multi-Line Costs

It’s crucial to understand the cost differences between single and multi-line plans. Single-line plans may appear cheaper initially, but multi-line plans typically offer improved value per line. Verizon’s Start Unlimited plan costs $70 for a single line. However, adding additional lines brings down the cost per line: you’ll pay $120 for two lines, making it $60 per line.

Similarly, Visible’s plan is straightforward: $40 for a single line, but they also offer Party Pay, allowing you to join or form a “party” of four to reduce the cost to $25 per line.

Choosing a plan with family upgrade options gives you flexibility and can lead to substantial savings as your family grows. With options like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, you’re covered with a plan that’s right for now and adaptable for later.

7. Best Plan for Data Rollover

Rollover Data Explained

Rollover data lets you carry over unused data from one billing cycle to the next. The feature is perfect for those with fluctuating data usage. Unused data that usually expires is now available in future months, ensuring you get what you pay for.

Comparing Providers That Offer Rollover

AT&T offers rollover data on its Mobile Share Plus plans, allowing unused data to roll over for one month. It’s great for varying usage. T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid plans also include Data Stash, with unused data stored for up to one year, perfect for infrequent but heavy surfing. Lastly, Boost Mobile’s prepaid plans come with a data rollover option, giving you the flexibility to save data month-to-month.

ProviderPlanRollover DurationKey Feature
AT&TMobile Share Plus1 monthLimited-time rollover
T-MobileSimply Prepaid12 monthsLong-term Data Stash
Boost MobilePrepaid PlansMonth-to-monthFlexible data storage

These plans cater to different needs and ensure you maximize your data usage without extra cost.

8. Best Plan with Rewards Programs

Finding a phone plan that offers rewards programs can add extra value to your monthly expenses. Here, we dive into the best options available.

Types of Rewards Offered

Different providers offer varying types of rewards to their customers. T-Mobile’s T-Mobile Tuesdays provides free stuff and discounts every week. Verizon Up offers monthly rewards, including free Apple Music, gift cards, and more. AT&T’s Thanks features movie tickets and discounts on shows and services. These reward programs enhance your experience, giving you more than just calling and data services.

How to Maximize Benefits

Make the most of these rewards by staying updated with each provider’s offerings. Download the provider’s app, like the T-Mobile Tuesdays app or Verizon’s My Verizon app. Regularly check for new deals and time-sensitive offers. Participate in special promotions and events for additional perks. Redeem rewards promptly to avoid expiration and track your points if applicable. Taking these steps will ensure you get the most benefit from your phone plan’s rewards program.

9. Best Plan for Network Coverage

Choosing a plan with excellent network coverage ensures you stay connected no matter where you are. Here’s what you need to know.

Geographic Coverage Importance

Understanding the importance of geographic coverage can’t be overstated. Your location significantly impacts your signal strength and call quality. Rural areas often have fewer cell towers, making it crucial to choose a provider that excels in these regions. Reliable coverage ensures you can make calls, send texts, and use data wherever you go.

Top Providers for Network Reach

Evaluating the top providers for network reach helps you make an informed decision. Verizon consistently ranks high for nationwide coverage, offering robust networks in both urban and rural areas. AT&T also provides extensive coverage, particularly excelling in suburban regions. T-Mobile makes strides with its growing 5G network, enhancing coverage in many metropolitan areas.

ProviderCoverage Strengths
VerizonExcellence in urban and rural coverage
AT&TStrong in suburban and urban areas
T-MobileRapidly expanding 5G in metropolitan areas


Choosing the best phone plan for one person can be a daunting task, but with the right information, you can make a confident decision. Whether you prioritize budget-friendly options, unlimited data, or international calling, there’s a plan that fits your needs.

Consider the flexibility of no-contract plans and the potential savings with family upgrade options. Data rollover and rewards programs can further enhance your experience, ensuring you get the most value.

Lastly, don’t overlook network coverage. Providers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile offer robust options to keep you connected wherever you are. With these insights, you’re well-equipped to find the perfect phone plan tailored to your lifestyle.

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