9 Best Prank Gifts: Hilarious Surprises for Birthdays, Parties, and Holidays

9 Best Prank Gifts: Hilarious Surprises for Birthdays, Parties, and Holidays

Everyone loves a good laugh, and prank gifts are the perfect way to bring humor to any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just a regular day that could use a little spice, the right prank gift can leave your friends and family in stitches. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the best ones?

1. Laughing Mirror

A Laughing Mirror is the perfect way to surprise someone with a hilarious, unexpected twist. Here, you’ll learn how they work and the best scenarios for using them.

How Laughing Mirrors Work

Laughing Mirrors use built-in sensors and a hidden speaker. When someone looks into the mirror, it activates a pre-recorded laugh track. The sound creates a moment of confusion and then amusement, as the person realizes the mirror’s ‘reaction’. The technology behind Laughing Mirrors is simple, but the impact is big, making it a great option for a harmless prank.

Best Scenarios for Laughing Mirror Pranks

Office Pranks: Set up a Laughing Mirror in the break room or restroom to catch coworkers off guard.
Family Gatherings: Place one in the hallway or guest room during family events to entertain everyone.
Parties: Jazz up a birthday or holiday party by positioning the Laughing Mirror in a high-traffic area.
Gifts: Make it a gift for prank-loving friends who enjoy quirky and amusing surprises.

With its easy setup and unexpected humor, the Laughing Mirror creates a memorable moment wherever you use it.

2. Jumping Snake Can

The Jumping Snake Can prank never gets old. It’s one of those classic gags that always delivers laughter and surprise.

The Classic Snake Can Surprise

Unleashing a toy snake from a seemingly ordinary canister is as timeless as it gets. The can usually presents itself as a regular container, perhaps labeled as peanuts or coffee. Once opened, a coiled spring-loaded snake leaps out, startling your unsuspecting victim. This prank works because people don’t expect such an unexpected reaction from a mundane object. Always ensure that the can looks convincingly real to pull off the perfect prank. It’s an ideal gag for anyone who enjoys classic humor and easily accessible trickery.

Ideal Settings for a Snake Can Prank

Executing a Jumping Snake Can prank is effective in various settings. Try it at an office by placing the can on a communal snack table. At family gatherings, subtly leave it among other treats. Parties are perfect, too; just hide it in plain sight among other snack containers. Gift it to a friend with a taste for pranks and watch the fun unfold. The key is to position the can in places where your target feels most relaxed, making the surprise even more effective.

Here’s a quick guide to where you might place your Jumping Snake Can for maximum effect:

SettingLocation to Place the Can
OfficeCommunal snack table
Family GatheringsAmong other treats
PartiesWith other snack containers
As a GiftWrapped as an ordinary present

In each setting, the unsuspecting nature of the environment enhances the shock and laughter resulting from the prank.

3. Fake Lottery Tickets

Fake lottery tickets are a surefire way to inject some suspenseful humor into any gathering. These prank gifts look real enough to fool even the most vigilant friend.

Creating Believable Fake Lottery Tickets

Start by purchasing high-quality fake lottery tickets. You can find these online or in novelty stores. Ensure they mimic the design and language of real lottery tickets, including holograms and disclaimers. It’s crucial to mix these fakes with real tickets to maintain an air of authenticity.

When to Gift Fake Lottery Tickets

Gift fake lottery tickets during casual get-togethers, milestone celebrations, or office parties. Hand them out during white elephant exchanges or place them in holiday cards. Capture the recipient’s reaction on video for some added fun. This prank is perfect for moments where everyone is expecting a low-key surprise rather than a laugh-out-loud revelation.

4. Shocking Pen

Shocking pens are a hilarious addition to your prank gift repertoire. They look like ordinary pens but surprise their users with a light, harmless shock.

Mechanism Behind the Shocking Pen

The shocking pen operates on a simple electrical gimmick. When someone tries to use the pen, a small circuit inside completes, delivering a mild shock to their hand. The voltage is low, ensuring the shock is startling but safe. These prank pens typically run on small batteries, making them easy to use repeatedly. Their ordinary appearance makes them perfect for catching unsuspecting victims off guard, adding to the element of surprise.

Guidelines on Using Shocking Pens Safely

Shocking pens are designed to be safe, but there are a few guidelines to follow. Don’t give them to children, the elderly, or individuals with heart conditions. Always explain the prank to your victim afterward to prevent any misunderstanding. Make sure not to overuse the pen and test it on yourself first to understand the sensation it delivers. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that everyone has a good laugh without any genuine discomfort.

5. Bug in Ice Cube

Bug in Ice Cube prank gifts are perfect for adding a touch of surprise to any drink. These faux ice cubes give an illusion of a trapped bug, making for a hilarious reaction when someone spots it in their beverage.

Crafting Realistic Bug Ice Cubes

Crafting realistic bug ice cubes is easier than you think. You’ll need small plastic bugs, water, and an ice tray. Place the bugs in the trays, fill them with water, and freeze. Ensure the bugs are positioned near the center for maximum visibility. Opt for clear plastic bugs to make them look submerged. This simple yet effective prank can turn any drink into a thrilling experience.

Best Drinks to Use Bug Ice Cubes In

Choose clear drinks like water, soda, and transparent cocktails to use your bug ice cubes. These beverages make the bugs easily noticeable, enhancing the surprise factor. Avoid using them in dark drinks like cola or coffee since they obscure the bugs. Clear liquids work best for this prank, ensuring the reaction is as hilarious as possible.

6. Whoopee Cushion

History of the Whoopee Cushion

Invented in the 1930s, the whoopee cushion has been a staple in prank culture for nearly a century. Originally crafted by workers at the Canadian JEM Rubber Company, this classic item quickly gained popularity worldwide. You might find it fascinating that its simplicity and effectiveness have made it a timeless tool for practical jokes.

7. Fake Spilled Drinks

Prank gifts often bring laughter and surprise. Fake spilled drinks are a perfect addition to your arsenal of jokes, creating moments of confusion and hilarity.

Creating Convincing Fake Spills

Use realistic materials to make the fake spills believable. Silicone or resin are commonly used for creating these items. Add colors and textures that mimic real beverages to enhance the illusion. Position them with careful attention to detail, such as an overturned cup or strategically placed liquid, to fool even the keenest observers.

Ideal Locations for Fake Spilled Drinks Pranks

Target high-traffic areas where spills are unexpected. Office desks, café tables, or kitchen countertops are perfect spots. Place the fake spill near important items like computers, documents, or personal belongings to heighten the prank’s impact. Ensure the area is visible to maximize the number of people who witness and react to the joke.

8. Rubber Chicken

The Timeless Appeal of the Rubber Chicken

The rubber chicken’s charm has endured for decades. Its goofy appearance and squeaky sound make it a staple in prankster toolkits. This versatile gag gift is a universal symbol of slapstick humor, ensuring laughs in various settings.

Creative Ways to Use Rubber Chickens in Pranks

Hide It in Unexpected Places: Place it in a friend’s drawer, under their pillow, or inside a backpack for a surprising discovery.
Replace Everyday Items: Swap out items like a phone or remote control with a rubber chicken for a confusing and amusing reaction.
Include it in a Meeting: Sneak a rubber chicken into a formal meeting. Wait for the right moment to trigger laughter.
Incorporate it in Photos: Insert a rubber chicken into selfies or group photos to add a quirky twist.

9. Prank Candles

Prank candles are a hilarious twist on conventional candles. These deceptive gifts start with a pleasant scent, only to transform into an unpleasant odor mid-burn, catching unsuspecting recipients off guard.

Designing Prank Candles That Change Scents

Creating prank candles involves layering different scented waxes. Start with a lovely fragrance like vanilla or lavender. Then, add a layer of something less desirable, such as wet dog or rotten eggs. The key is to use a heat-resistant, non-toxic wax. This ensures the transition happens seamlessly, deceiving your target completely. You can even make the candle look visually appealing to ensure no one suspects a thing.

Occasions for Gifting Prank Candles

Prank candles are perfect for birthdays, office parties, and holiday gift exchanges. Imagine your friend’s reaction when their relaxing spa-like candle suddenly reeks of fish! They’re also great for white elephant parties or as a gag gift to lighten up serious gatherings. Whether it’s for a family member, colleague, or friend, these candles add a burst of unexpected humor to any occasion.


Prank gifts have a unique way of bringing joy and laughter to any occasion. Whether you’re looking to surprise a friend with a Laughing Mirror or add a twist to a party with Prank Candles, there’s something for everyone. These gifts not only entertain but also create memorable moments that everyone will talk about for years. Embrace the fun and creativity that comes with prank gifts and watch as they become the highlight of your next event.

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