9 Best Range Finders for Golf, Hunting, and Hiking - Top Picks and Buying Guide

9 Best Range Finders for Golf, Hunting, and Hiking – Top Picks and Buying Guide

Finding the perfect range finder can transform your outdoor adventures, whether you’re a golfer, hunter, or hiker. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices. That’s where we come in.

In this article, you’ll discover the 9 best range finders that combine precision, durability, and advanced features to enhance your experience. We’ve done the research so you can make an informed decision and focus on what you love doing most. Let’s dive into the top picks that will elevate your game.

Types of Range Finders

Choosing the perfect range finder depends on your specific needs. Here are the main types you should consider:

Optical Range Finders

Optical range finders rely on lenses and reticles to measure distance. Experienced users often prefer them for their durability and lack of need for batteries. Adjust the focus to get an accurate readout on a marked scale. They’re ideal for golfing, where you can gauge distance to the flag.

Laser Range Finders

Laser range finders use a laser beam to calculate distance. Just point at the target and press the button. They provide rapid and precise measurements, often within one-yard accuracy. Perfect for hunting, where knowing the exact distance is crucial for a successful shot. They’re also popular in construction and real estate.

Ultrasonic Range Finders

Ultrasonic range finders use sound waves to determine distance. Send out a sound pulse, and the device measures the time it takes to bounce back. They’re less affected by poor light conditions, making them great for indoor use. Handy for measuring room dimensions or for simple outdoor uses like gardening.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Range Finder

Choosing the best range finder involves considering several important factors. Here’s what you need to focus on:

Accuracy and Range

Prioritize accuracy to get precise measurements. Look for range finders with a margin of error no greater than ±1 yard. Check the maximum range capability too, ensuring it suits your activity, whether hunting or golfing. For hunting, consider models with ranges up to 1,000 yards; for golfing, 400-yard range finders are typically sufficient.

Size and Portability

Consider size and weight for ease of use during outdoor activities. Opt for compact, lightweight models that fit comfortably in your hand or pocket. Devices weighing less than 8 ounces are ideal for portability.

Battery Life and Durability

Prioritize long battery life to avoid interruptions. Seek units with at least 10 hours of continuous use. Durability matters, so choose range finders made from robust materials, preferably with waterproof and shock-resistant features.

Additional Features and Capabilities

Look for models with advanced features like slope compensation, angle measurements, and target priority modes. Some range finders offer integrated GPS, display readouts, and Bluetooth connectivity, enhancing functionality and usability for diverse activities.

Top 3 Budget-Friendly Range Finders

Choosing a range finder doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are three budget-friendly options that deliver great performance without emptying your wallet.

Best Budget Model 1

TecTecTec VPRO500
The TecTecTec VPRO500 offers excellent value. It provides accurate readings up to 540 yards. Its advanced Pin-Sensor technology helps in measuring overlapping subjects, making it ideal for both golf and hunting. The lens display is clear and easy to read, ensuring you won’t miss any crucial details. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to carry around all day.

Best Budget Model 2

Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03
The Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 stands out for its affordability and features. It measures up to 650 yards with impressive accuracy. Slope function helps golfers by adjusting distances based on the terrain. Even in low light, the clear optics make it simple to see your target. Durability and a comfortable grip mean it’s built for long-term use.

Best Budget Model 3

Aofar HX-700N
The Aofar HX-700N is another superb budget choice. It ranges up to 700 yards and includes a range, speed, and scan mode. Advanced Pinsensor technology and continuous scan mode make it versatile for hunting and golfing. The unit is waterproof and dust-resistant, perfect for rugged outdoor conditions. At a lightweight 180 grams, it’s also highly portable and user-friendly.

Top 3 Mid-Range Range Finders

If you’re looking for range finders that offer a perfect balance between affordability and advanced features, these mid-range models might be just what you need. Here are the top 3 mid-range range finders that provide impressive precision, functionality, and value.

Best Mid-Range Model 1

The Nikon Coolshot 20i GII stands out for its exceptional accuracy and compact design. It features a 6x monocular lens that allows you to see your target clearly at distances up to 800 yards. With Nikon’s advanced ID (Incline/Decline) Technology, you get precise measurements even on hilly terrain. This model is lightweight and fits easily into your pocket, making it perfect for on-the-go use. The Coolshot 20i GII is ideal for both golfers and hunters who need reliable performance without breaking the bank.

Best Mid-Range Model 2

The Bushnell Prime 1700 is designed for versatility and robust performance. It offers a range of up to 1,700 yards, ensuring you can measure distant targets effortlessly. Equipped with ARC (Angle Range Compensation) technology, it provides accurate measurements on slopes, and EXO Barrier coating ensures clear visibility in all weather conditions. This range finder features a user-friendly interface and a durable, waterproof design, making it an excellent choice for various outdoor activities, from hiking to hunting.

Best Mid-Range Model 3

The Leupold RX-650 impresses with its top-notch optics and rugged construction. With a 6x magnification and a range that extends up to 650 yards, it provides sharp, clear images and excellent distance measurements. The high-contrast, OLED display ensures you can read measurements easily, even in low-light conditions. The Leupold RX-650 is built to withstand harsh environments, thanks to its weatherproof housing and ergonomic design. This model is perfect for enthusiasts who demand reliability and performance in the field.

Top 3 Premium Range Finders

When you’re serious about accuracy and high performance, premium range finders offer top-of-the-line features that set them apart. Here are the top three premium models you should consider:

Best Premium Model 1

The Leica Rangemaster CRF 2400-R stands out for its exceptional precision and advanced optics. It boasts a maximum range of 2,400 yards, allowing you to measure long distances accurately. Featuring a clear LED display, it ensures you can read your measurements in any lighting condition. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, perfect for those long hunting trips. The integrated ballistic calculator provides essential information, helping you make precise adjustments.

Best Premium Model 2

The Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 excels in durability and performance, making it ideal for rugged terrains. It offers a range of up to 1,800 yards and features an intuitive menu, ensuring user-friendly operation. The HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) mode calculates the actual distance to the target. This model is fully multi-coated to provide clear views in various lighting conditions. Its rubber armor and waterproof design guarantee it can handle any weather conditions you face.

Best Premium Model 3

The Sig Sauer KILO2400BDX leverages smart technology to provide unparalleled accuracy. It ranges up to 2,000 yards and integrates with the BDX app to offer real-time ballistic data. The HyperScan mode refreshes the range four times per second, ensuring you get rapid and reliable measurements. Featuring Lumatic Display technology, it adjusts the brightness automatically based on the lighting condition. With its compact size and advanced capabilities, it’s a top choice for precision shooters and hunters.

These premium range finders not only offer superior performance but also bring in advanced features and durability, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

Comparison of the 9 Best Range Finders

When choosing the ideal range finder, comparing features and understanding the pros and cons of each model can help you make an informed decision.

Comparing Features

  1. TecTecTec VPRO500: Offers a range of up to 540 yards, continuous scan mode, and advanced Pinsensor technology.
  2. Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03: Provides a maximum range of 650 yards, multiple modes including slope measurement, and flag-lock technology.
  3. Aofar HX-700N: Features a 700-yard range, 6x magnification, and angle range compensation.
  4. Nikon Coolshot 20i GII: Has a range of 800 yards, stabilization feature, and ID technology for incline/decline.
  5. Bushnell Prime 1700: Offers a 1,700-yard range, EXO barrier protection, and ARC technology.
  6. Leupold RX-650: Features a 650-yard range, high-light transmission LCD, and 6x magnification.
  7. Leica Rangemaster CRF 2400-R: Provides a range of 2,400 yards, built-in inclinometer, and ballistic calculator.
  8. Vortex Optics Ranger 1800: Offers an 1,800-yard range, HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) mode, and tripod adaptability.
  9. Sig Sauer KILO2400BDX: Features a 2,400-yard range, BDX technology for ballistic drop data, and advanced OLED display.
  1. TecTecTec VPRO500
  • Pros: Affordable, lightweight, and accurate for short distances.
  • Cons: Limited range compared to advanced models.
  1. Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03
  • Pros: Cost-effective, slope measurement mode, and suitable for golf and hunting.
  • Cons: Not as durable as premium range finders.
  1. Aofar HX-700N
  • Pros: Budget-friendly, reliable in various conditions, and includes angle compensation.
  • Cons: Basic features compared to mid-range or high-end models.
  1. Nikon Coolshot 20i GII
  • Pros: Compact, easy to use, and accurate ID technology.
  • Cons: Limited maximum range for serious hunters.
  1. Bushnell Prime 1700
  • Pros: High range capability, excellent durability, and waterproof.
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive than other mid-range options.
  1. Leupold RX-650
  • Pros: Great light transmission, clear optics, and user-friendly.
  • Cons: Lower range than other mid-range models.

Tips for Using Range Finders Effectively

Knowing how to use your range finder can greatly improve your experience in activities like golfing and hunting. Here are some essential tips to get the most out of your device.

Understanding the Conditions

Understanding your surroundings enhances your accuracy. Check the weather before heading out. Rain or fog can impact the laser’s efficiency, making it harder to get a clear reading. Look out for obstacles like trees or buildings that might block the laser. Clear line of sight is crucial. Practice using your range finder under different conditions to know what to expect.

Maintaining Your Range Finder

Keeping your range finder in top shape ensures reliable performance. Regularly clean the lenses with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid scratches. Store it in a protective case to shield it from dust, moisture, and impacts. Replace the batteries before they run low to prevent sudden power loss. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for any other maintenance tips specific to your model.


Choosing the right range finder can significantly enhance your outdoor experiences whether you’re golfing hunting or hiking. By considering factors like accuracy range size and durability you can find a device that meets your specific needs. Remember to maintain your range finder properly to ensure it performs reliably over time. With the right tool and proper care you can enjoy more precise and enjoyable outdoor adventures.

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