9 Best Swim Suits for Every Body Type and Activity in 2024

Summer’s just around the corner, and it’s time to find the perfect swimsuit that makes you feel confident and stylish. With countless options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Whether you’re hitting the beach, lounging by the pool, or planning a tropical getaway, having a swimsuit that suits your body type and style is essential.

Best Swim Suit for Competitive Swimming

When it comes to competitive swimming, finding the right swimsuit can make all the difference. Look for specific features that enhance performance and speed.

Features to Look For in Competitive Swim Suits

  1. Compression
    Compression helps reduce muscle vibration and fatigue, allowing you to swim faster and longer.
  2. Hydrophobic Fabric
    Hydrophobic fabric repels water, reducing drag and increasing speed through the water.
  3. Streamlined Design
    Streamlined design means fewer seams and a tighter fit, which minimizes drag and enhances hydrodynamics.
  4. Comfortable Fit
    Comfortable fit ensures the suit doesn’t restrict movement, providing full range of motion for efficient strokes.
  5. Durability
    Competitive swimsuits need to withstand chlorine and frequent use without losing their shape or elasticity.
  1. Speedo LZR Racer X
    Engineered with compression panels and hydrophobic fabric, the LZR Racer X is a favorite among elite swimmers.
  2. Arena Carbon Air 2
    The Carbon Air 2 offers a lightweight construction with a snug, streamlined fit, perfect for reducing drag.
  3. TYR Venzo
    Known for its Surface Lift Technology, the TYR Venzo prevents water from permeating the fabric, keeping you buoyant and fast.
  4. FINIS Fuse
    An affordable option, the FINIS Fuse combines compression and comfort, offering a great fit for competitive events.
  5. Mizuno Sonic GX V
    The Sonic GX V provides excellent compression and a second-skin feel, optimizing performance for competitive swimmers.

By focusing on these features and considering top picks, you can find the best swimsuit to elevate your competitive swimming performance.

Best Swim Suit for Water Sports

Finding the perfect swimwear for water sports can significantly enhance your performance and comfort during activities like surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Key Traits of Water Sports Swim Suits

Durability: Look for materials like nylon or spandex that can withstand rough conditions. Quality swimwear should resist damage from saltwater, chlorine, and UV rays.
Flexibility: Check for designs that allow a full range of motion. You’ll want suits that include features such as four-way stretch fabric for ease of movement.
Comfort: Ensure that the swimsuit has flatlock seams to prevent chafing. Look for soft linings and adjustable straps for a secure fit without irritation.
Quick-drying: Opt for fabrics that dry quickly. This trait helps keep you comfortable when transitioning from water to land activities.
Support: Choose suits with built-in support like shelf bras or compression panels, offering both comfort and performance during high-impact activities.

Recommended Swim Suits for Water Sports

O’Neill Reactor II 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit: Perfect for cooler waters, this wetsuit offers ample flexibility and warmth. Its FluidFlex II material ensures maximum movement without sacrificing durability.

Quiksilver Men’s Everyday Kaimana Boardshorts: Ideal for surfing, these boardshorts provide excellent comfort and quick-drying capabilities. The four-way stretch fabric allows unrestricted movement, and the cinch fly technology ensures a secure fit.

Roxy Women’s 1.5mm Syncro Series Long Sleeve Cropped Wetsuit Top: This top is perfect for paddleboarding. Its lightweight neoprene material offers warmth and flexibility. The flatlock seams prevent chafing, enhancing comfort for longer sessions.

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Back Zip Wetsuit: Great for a variety of water sports, this wetsuit is designed with E5 neoprene for unmatched flexibility and durability. The back zip makes it easy to put on and take off, and the glued and blind-stitched seams offer extra protection against water entry.

Speedo Male Swim Trunks: These trunks provide superb comfort and flexibility for water sports enthusiasts. With a quick-dry fabric and UV protection, they’re perfect for any aquatic adventure.

Best Swim Suit for Sun Protection

When you’re spending long hours in the water, having a swimsuit that offers sun protection is crucial. Let’s dive into why UV protection matters and some of the best swim suits with built-in UV protection.

Importance of UV Protection in Swim Suits

Understanding the importance of UV protection in swimsuits can help you make better choices. Harmful UV rays can cause sunburn and long-term skin damage, increasing your risk of skin cancer. Choosing a swimsuit with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) safeguards your skin while enjoying the sun. UPF-rated swimsuits block both UVA and UVB rays, making your time at the beach or pool safer.

  1. Coolibar UPF 50+ Swim Bra offers maximum sun protection with its high UPF rating. Made from lightweight, breathable fabric, it’s perfect for staying cool while safeguarding your skin.
  2. Kanu Surf Women’s Keri Long-Sleeve Rashguard combines style with functionality. Its full coverage and UPF 50+ rating protect your arms and shoulders, areas often exposed to intense sunlight.
  3. Speedo Men’s UV Swim Shirt keeps you sun-safe without sacrificing comfort. This swim shirt features quick-dry fabric and a relaxed fit, making it ideal for casual water activities.
  4. Mott50 Sonja Swim Dress adds a fashionable twist to UV protection. With a UPF 50+ rating and chic design, it’s a stylish choice for those looking to protect their skin without compromising on style.
  5. Lands’ End Women’s Tugless Tank Soft Cup One-Piece is perfect for long days in the sun. It features UPF 50+ fabric and a comfortable fit, ensuring you stay protected and at ease.
  6. SunBusters Boys’ Long Sleeve Sunsuit ensures kids stay safe during playtime. With a UPF 50+ rating, this sunsuit covers sensitive skin areas, making it an excellent option for children.
  7. Quiksilver All Time Long Sleeve Rashguard combines durability with sun protection. This rashguard’s high-quality fabric and UPF 50+ rating make it perfect for any water sport.
  8. Roxy Essentials Long Sleeve Rashguard delivers both comfort and protection. Designed with durable, quick-drying fabric, it provides UPF 50+ coverage for extensive sun exposure.
  9. Hanna Andersson Girls’ Long Sleeve One-Piece keeps your little ones sun-safe with its UPF 50+ rating. This swimsuit’s fun design ensures kids enjoy their time in the water while staying protected.

Choosing a swimsuit with UV protection helps you enjoy the water without worrying about the sun’s harmful effects.

Best Swim Suit for Kids

Choosing the right swimsuit for kids ensures they stay safe and comfortable while having fun in the water. Consider these key aspects when selecting a suit for your child.

Design and Safety Features for Kids’ Swim Suits

Prioritize safety by looking for swimsuits with UPF 50+ rating, such as the RuffleButts Kids’ Swimwear with built-in UV protection. Opt for bright colors and fun patterns to increase visibility and appeal to children. Ensure the swimsuits have secure, snug fits without being too tight, preventing discomfort during activities. Flat seams and tagless labels help avoid skin irritation.

  1. RuffleButts Kids’ Swimwear: Features UPF 50+ protection and comes in playful designs, keeping your little one safe from the sun.
  2. Speedo Kids’ UV Swim Shirt: Offers essential UPF 50+ coverage, staying comfortable and quick-drying.
  3. Kanu Surf Boys’ Rashguard: Known for durability and protection, it’s perfect for active boys who enjoy water sports.
  4. Carter’s Ruffled Swimsuit: Combines chic ruffled design with safety, ideal for young girls.
  5. iPlay by Green Sprouts One-Piece: Built-in reusable diaper makes it convenient for toddlers, featuring a UPF 50+ rating.
  6. Tuga Sunwear Girls’ Swimsuit: Provides full-body coverage with a fashionable touch and UV protection.
  7. Hanna Andersson Baby Swimsuit: Soft, organic material ensures comfort while offering UPF 50+ protection.
  8. Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit: Integrated swim diaper and snug fit ensure safety and convenience for infants.
  9. Hatley Boys’ Surf Suit: Combines style with a UPF rating, ideal for beach and pool use.

These suits ensure your kids stay protected and enjoy their time in the water worry-free.

Best Swim Suit for Women

Finding the perfect swimsuit can make or break your beach or pool day. Whether you prioritize style, comfort, or functionality, the right suit can enhance your swimming experience.

Factors to Consider for Women’s Swim Suits

  1. Fit
    Opt for a swimsuit that fits like a glove without being too tight. A good fit ensures comfort and ease of movement. Look for options that provide enough coverage and support for your body type.
  2. Material
    Choose materials like polyester or nylon for durability and quick-drying properties. Lycra or spandex blends offer excellent stretch, ensuring a snug fit while swimming.
  3. Support
    Ensure your swimsuit has adequate support, especially for the bust area. Halter necks and underwire bras are excellent choices for extra lift and support.
  4. Style
    Select a style that flatters your body shape and enhances your confidence. High-waisted bottoms, one-pieces, and tankinis provide different levels of coverage and style.
  5. Functionality
    Pick swimsuits that suit your activity needs. For casual swimming, a simple one-piece may suffice, but for competitive or sports swimming, consider options with added features like compression panels or racerback designs.
  1. Athleta Women’s Colorblock One Piece
    This swimsuit offers a chic design with color-blocking patterns. It’s made from recycled materials, providing both eco-friendliness and comfort. The built-in bra and cross-back straps offer excellent support.
  2. Speedo Women’s PowerFlex Eco One Piece
    Engineered for durability, this suit is ideal for regular swimmers. Its racerback design and chlorine-resistant fabric ensure longevity and ease of movement.
  3. TYR Women’s Solid Diamondback Swimsuit
    Perfect for competitive swimmers, this suit features a diamondback design for enhanced flexibility. Its Durafast Elite fabric offers a long-lasting fit and exceptional performance.
  4. Amazon Essentials Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit
    An affordable option that’s stylish and simple. This one-piece features adjustable straps and a full lining, offering support and comfort for leisure swimmers.
  5. Nike Swim Women’s Racerback One Piece
    Known for its sleek design, this suit is perfect for both training and casual swimming. The racerback cut and high-stretch fabric provide the needed flexibility and support.
  6. Summersalt The Sidestroke
    With its unique design and attractive color options, this one-piece offers a flattering fit. It provides full coverage with light compression, ideal for both the beach and pool.
  7. J.Crew Scoopneck Plunge Swimsuit
    This stylish option features a deep neckline and moderate coverage. It’s crafted from eco-friendly fabric and provides a chic look with enough support for all-day comfort.

Best Swim Suit for Men

Choosing the right swimsuit for men involves considering factors like fit, material, comfort, and activity. Whether you’re looking for something for lap swimming or a beach vacation, here’s what to look for.

What Men Should Look for in a Swim Suit

  1. Fit: Look for a snug but comfortable fit. Avoid swimsuits that are too tight or loose, as they can cause discomfort or hinder movement.
  2. Material: Choose materials that are chlorine-resistant and quick-drying. Nylon and polyester blends are popular due to their durability and comfort.
  3. Type: Decide between different types such as briefs, jammers, or board shorts based on your activity. Briefs offer less resistance for competitive swimming, while board shorts provide a more relaxed fit for casual wear.
  4. Support: Opt for swimsuits with good support, especially if you plan on being active. Some swimsuits include built-in liners for added comfort and support.
  5. Style: Select a style that matches your preference and body type. From bold patterns to classic solids, there’s something out there for every taste.
  1. Speedo Men’s Essential Endurance+ Brief: This swimsuit offers a snug fit, perfect for competitive swimming. Made from chlorine-resistant fabric, it retains its shape swim after swim.
  2. TYR Men’s Durafast Elite Jammer: Known for its durability, this jammer is ideal for training and racing. The compressive fit and stretchy fabric enhance performance.
  3. Nike Men’s Swim Diverge Jammers: Combining style and functionality, these jammers are perfect for serious swimmers. The streamlined fit reduces drag, while the bold designs add flair.
  4. O’Neill Men’s Santa Cruz Striped Boardshorts: Perfect for a laid-back day at the beach, these boardshorts offer a comfortable fit and quick-drying fabric. The classic stripes add a stylish touch.
  5. Adidas Men’s Pro Trunk Swimsuit: These trunks offer a balance of performance and comfort. With their sleek design and durable fabric, they’re suited for both training and recreational swimming.
  6. Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks: Featuring a relaxed fit and vibrant designs, these trunks are great for casual swimming and beach activities. The quick-dry fabric keeps you comfortable all day.
  7. Arena Men’s Powerskin Carbon Flex: Designed for competitive swimmers, this high-performance swimsuit uses carbon fiber technology for excellent compression and flexibility.
  8. Boardies Men’s Classic Swim Trunks: Offering unique patterns and a comfortable fit, these swim trunks are stylish and functional. Perfect for pool parties or tropical vacations.
  9. Under Armour Men’s Water-Resistant Swim Shorts: Ideal for various water activities, these shorts provide water resistance and comfort. The durable fabric ensures they withstand frequent

Best Swim Suit for All Body Types

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be challenging, but there are great options that cater to all body types. Let’s take a look at inclusive sizing and the best options available.

Finding Inclusive Sizing in Swim Suits

Search for retailers that offer a wide range of sizes. Brands like Swimsuits for All and Athleta have extensive size charts that include plus, petite, and tall options. Check fabric descriptions for stretch and support to ensure a comfortable fit. Look for adjustable features, such as straps and tie closures, which allow for a more customizable and supportive fit. Look for styles that provide bust support, tummy control, and coverage where needed.

  1. Swimsuits for All Retro Halter Swimsuit: Features an adjustable halter neck and ruching to flatter curves. Available in sizes 4-24.
  2. Summersalt The Sidestroke: Known for its compression fabric and inclusive sizing from 00-24, it offers excellent support and style.
  3. Athleta Hermosa One Piece: Provides UPF 50+ fabric, adjustable straps, and sizes ranging from XXS to 3X.
  4. Miraclesuit Oceanus: Boasts tummy control and offers sizes up to 16. The shirred overlay creates a slimming effect.
  5. J.Crew Long Torso Ruched V-neck: Perfect for taller figures, it has chlorine-resistant fabric and extended sizes.
  6. Old Navy Plus-Size Scoop Neck Swim Top: An affordable option that caters to sizes up to 4X, with adjustable shoulder straps.
  7. Lands’ End Tugless Tank: Offers a no-fuss fit with soft cups and sizes up to 26W, ensuring it stays in place.
  8. Andie Swim The Amalfi: Features a low back and full coverage bottom, available in sizes XS through XXXL.
  9. Aerie Wrap One-Piece: Known for its wrap design offering a flattering fit, available in sizes XXS through XXL.


Choosing the right swimsuit can make all the difference in your swimming experience. Whether you’re diving into competitive swimming or enjoying a day at the beach, there’s a perfect option out there for you. From adjustable straps to inclusive sizing and specialized features like bust support and tummy control, the best swimsuits cater to all body types and preferences. Brands like Swimsuits for All, Athleta, Summersalt, and J.Crew offer a variety of styles that ensure you look and feel your best. Dive in with confidence knowing you’ve found the ideal swimsuit for your needs.

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