Hi there! I’m Jessie, the girl behind Faring Well. I’m married to the best recipe tester around (Scott) and am currently operating this test kitchen I like to call “my office” out of sunny, southern California.

My two greatest passions are getting off the grid (camping adventures are my jam – I kind of have a thing for national parks), and creating delicious, wholesome recipes to share with you.

The recipes you see here on Faring Well follow my diet, one filled with plant based whole foods. Although it is not labeled in each of my recipes, I strive to only use organic and non-GMO ingredients. I believe that where you put your dollar is where you put your vote. Therefore, I support the farmers and manufacturers that say “no” to pesticide laden crops and genetically modified food products.

In my recipes I focus on using whole foods over packaged products, while trying to keep them simple and easy to follow. I hope to present a wide range of plant based recipes on this site so that everyone can find something they love!

My goal from day one has been to inspire people to spend time in the kitchen, reconnect with the food they prepare, and share memories of doing so with others. If you eat a few more plants thanks to this space I’ll of course be super happy too ;). I hope you enjoy what you find here, and thank you tons for stopping by.