Better Than The Bag Brownie Crisps

Better Than The Bag Brownie Crisps: A Delicious Guilt-Free Snack for Health Enthusiasts

Better Than the Bag Brownie Crisps offer several key features that make them stand out. Made with high-quality ingredients, they boast a rich, chocolatey flavor. The texture brings a perfect balance of crunch and chewiness, ensuring a satisfying snack experience. Each batch gets baked to perfection, yielding uniformly thin and crispy bites. Unlike store-bought versions, these crisps don’t contain preservatives or artificial additives. They’re also easy to store, maintaining freshness for several days. Perfect for snacking, dessert, or even topping ice cream, these brownie crisps cater to diverse culinary preferences.

Target Market

These brownie crisps appeal to various segments of the market. Health-conscious consumers appreciate the lack of preservatives and use of high-quality ingredients. Home bakers, seeking both simplicity and superior taste, will find the make-at-home version appealing. Busy professionals and parents benefit from the treat’s easy storage and quick, satisfying snack. Chocolate lovers, always on the lookout for rich flavors, will relish these crisps. Lastly, the product is suitable for those with dietary restrictions, as customizable recipes can cater to gluten-free or vegan diets.

Taste Profile

Sweetness and Texture

These Better Than The Bag Brownie Crisps deliver a balanced sweetness that doesn’t overwhelm your palate. The dark chocolate adds a rich, cocoa-forward flavor, creating a delightful contrast to the sweetness. You experience a perfect blend of crunch and chewiness in every bite—crunchy on the edges and slightly chewy in the center. This unique combination makes these crisps addictive, keeping you reaching for more.

Comparison to Traditional Brownies

Unlike traditional brownies, which have a dense and gooey texture, these brownie crisps offer a lighter, crisper experience. While typical brownies are often too rich for some, the crisps maintain the chocolatey indulgence without the heaviness. They also appeal more widely to those concerned with portion control. One or two crisps provide the chocolate fix without the guilt of consuming a full brownie slice. When compared, brownie crisps provide the nostalgia of brownies with an added satisfying crunch.

Nutritional Information

Caloric Content

Each serving of Better Than the Bag Brownie Crisps contains approximately 120 calories. This low-calorie count makes it an appealing snack for those monitoring their caloric intake but not wanting to sacrifice taste. With only about 15 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of sugar per serving, these crisps offer a more health-conscious alternative to standard brownie servings that often exceed these values.


Better Than the Bag Brownie Crisps use high-quality, natural ingredients. Essential components include almond flour, organic cocoa powder, and coconut sugar, providing a rich chocolate flavor without artificial additives. The crisps are free from gluten, making them suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities. Additionally, they contain no trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup, aligning with a clean eating approach. Where possible, ingredients such as dark chocolate chips add to the nutrient density, offering antioxidants and other health benefits.

Nutrient Per Serving
Calories 120
Carbohydrates 15 grams
Sugar 6 grams
Trans Fats 0 grams
Gluten-Free Yes

Overall, Better Than the Bag Brownie Crisps present a balanced, nutritious option allowing you to enjoy a treat without dietary compromise.

Consumer Reviews

Positive Feedback

Consumers laud Better Than the Bag Brownie Crisps for their exceptional taste and texture. Many reviewers describe the crisps as having a perfect balance of crunch and chewiness, which makes them highly satisfying. The use of high-quality, natural ingredients like almond flour, organic cocoa powder, and coconut sugar consistently receives appreciation. Health-conscious reviewers appreciate that the crisps are gluten-free and contain no trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup. Portion control is another highlighted benefit, with numerous reviews noting that the crisps provide a fulfilling snack without the guilt. The rich, chocolatey flavor often gets compared to traditional brownies, but with a lighter and crispier twist, making them an appealing option for those seeking healthier snack alternatives.

Areas for Improvement

While the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, some areas for improvement have been noted. A few consumers mention that the price point is slightly higher than average, suggesting it might be a barrier for regular purchase. Others express a desire for more flavor options to diversify their snacking experience. There are occasional comments on the crisps’ texture, with some finding them too crunchy or not chewy enough, indicating that fine-tuning might enhance the overall consumer satisfaction. Despite these points, the consensus remains that Better Than the Bag Brownie Crisps offer a unique and enjoyable treat for those seeking a balance between health and indulgence.

Availability and Pricing

Where to Buy

Better Than The Bag Brownie Crisps are available at multiple retail locations and online storefronts. You can find them in grocery stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and select local supermarkets. For online shoppers, these crisps are accessible through Amazon, the official Better Than The Bag website, and specialty food delivery services like Thrive Market. Check availability in your region by visiting retailer directories or the product’s official website.

Price Comparison

Pricing for Better Than The Bag Brownie Crisps varies across platforms. In grocery stores, a 5 oz bag typically costs between $5.99 and $6.99. Online pricing can fluctuate based on promotions and shipping fees. On Amazon, packs of multiple bags often include discounts, ranging from $25.99 for a 4-pack to $47.99 for an 8-pack. Thrive Market frequently offers member discounts, allowing additional savings. Comparing prices before purchase ensures you get the best value for your money.


Better Than The Bag Brownie Crisps offer a delicious and health-conscious alternative to traditional brownies. With their rich chocolatey flavor and unique texture, they provide a satisfying snack that aligns with clean eating principles. Available at various retail and online platforms, these crisps cater to a wide audience looking for a guilt-free treat. Whether you’re counting calories or seeking a gluten-free option, these brownie crisps deliver on taste and quality, making them a worthwhile addition to your snack repertoire.

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