Buffalo Chicken Calzone

Buffalo Chicken Calzone Recipe: Spicy, Cheesy, and Delicious Fusion Dish

Buffalo Chicken Calzone combines influences from Italian and American cuisines. The classic calzone, known for its folded dough filled with cheeses, meats, and vegetables, originated in Naples, Italy. Filled with buffalo chicken—a creation credited to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York—the calzone evolved to include this spicy, tangy filling.

What Makes It Irresistible?

Several factors make the Buffalo Chicken Calzone irresistible.

  1. Flavor Fusion: It offers a perfect blend of buffalo sauce, chicken, and cheese, creating a unique taste.
  2. Texture Variety: The crispy, golden-baked dough contrasts with the tender chicken and melted cheese.
  3. Convenience Factor: It’s portable and easy to eat, making it ideal for quick meals.
  4. Comfort Food Appeal: Provides the rich, hearty qualities that many seek in comfort food.

Key Ingredients for the Perfect Buffalo Chicken Calzone

Essential Meats and Cheeses

Buffalo Chicken Calzone centers around its key ingredient: chicken breast. Use skinless, boneless chicken breast for a lean, protein-rich filling. Cook chicken thoroughly and shred it to ensure even distribution inside the calzone.

Cheese enhances the richness. Combine mozzarella and blue cheese for the best results. Mozzarella offers a creamy melt, while blue cheese adds a tangy bite. Use freshly shredded cheese to guarantee optimal melt and flavor.

The Role of Spices and Sauces

Spices and sauces define the calzone’s flavor profile. Use buffalo sauce generously to coat the chicken. Choose a high-quality, hot buffalo sauce for authentic heat and tang.

Incorporate spices like garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika to enhance the depth of flavor. Mix these spices into the buffalo sauce and chicken mixture.

A dash of ranch or blue cheese dressing adds creaminess. This balances the heat from the buffalo sauce and provides a cooling element. Use these ingredients inside the calzone or as a dipping option on the side.

Cooking Techniques for Buffalo Chicken Calzone

Baking vs. Frying

Baking offers a healthier alternative to frying and helps retain the calzone’s texture. Preheat your oven to 400°F and bake until the crust turns golden brown and the cheese bubbles, typically within 15-20 minutes.

Frying, while less healthy, delivers a crispy, rich texture. Heat oil in a deep pan to 350°F, carefully place the calzone in the oil, and cook for 3-4 minutes until golden brown. Drain on a paper towel to remove excess oil.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Crust

Select high-quality pizza dough, preferably homemade or from a reputable store. Roll the dough to an even thickness of about 1/4 inch to ensure uniform cooking.

Brush the crust with an egg wash (one beaten egg with a tablespoon of water) before baking for a shiny, crispy exterior. Adjust baking time based on personal preference—longer for extra crispiness.

Use a pizza stone or baking sheet for even heat distribution. Preheat the stone in the oven to retain heat, improving the crust’s texture.

Ensure the filling is not too wet; excess moisture can make the crust soggy. Gently pat cooked chicken with a paper towel before mixing with sauces and cheese.

Pairing and Serving Suggestions

Best Side Dishes

Complement your Buffalo Chicken Calzone with fresh, crunchy veggies. Carrot and celery sticks, sliced bell peppers, and cucumber rounds contrast the spicy flavors. Coleslaw offers a creamy, tangy addition that cools the palate. For something heartier, try a side of garlic bread or cheesy breadsticks. Baked or grilled vegetables, like zucchini or asparagus, balance the richness of the calzone.

Pair your meal with refreshing beverages. Iced tea, lemonade, or a light lager enhance the flavors without overwhelming the dish. If you prefer wine, opt for a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a chilled Chardonnay. For a non-alcoholic option, sparkling water with lemon or lime adds a zesty touch. A cold glass of milk can also help neutralize the spiciness, making it a great choice to keep things balanced.


Creating a Buffalo Chicken Calzone at home is a rewarding culinary adventure. With its spicy, savory filling and perfectly baked crust, it’s sure to become a favorite. Using high-quality ingredients and following the tips provided ensures a delicious result every time. Pair it with your favorite sides and drinks for a complete meal that’ll impress family and friends. Enjoy the bold flavors and satisfying textures of this unique dish.

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