Buttery Nipple Cocktail: Recipes, Variations, and Non-Alcoholic Options

Buttery Nipple Cocktail: Recipes, Variations, and Non-Alcoholic Options

The Buttery Nipple emerged in the 1980s, a period known for creative and fun cocktails. Bartenders invented this shot to offer a sweet, flavorful option that’s easy to drink. Over time, it gained popularity in bars and at parties due to its unique taste and simplicity. The name, playful and memorable, contributed to its widespread recognition.

Ingredients and Recipe

A Buttery Nipple requires only two main ingredients: butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream. This provides a smooth, creamy texture with a rich butterscotch flavor.

To make a Buttery Nipple:

  1. Gathering Ingredients:
  • 1 oz butterscotch schnapps
  • 1/2 oz Irish cream
  1. Preparation:
  • Pour the butterscotch schnapps into a shot glass.
  • Gently layer the Irish cream on top by pouring it over the back of a spoon.

This layering technique ensures a visually appealing drink, adding to the shot’s charm.

How to Make the Perfect Buttery Nipple

Choosing the Right Ingredients

Select high-quality butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream to ensure the best taste and texture. Popular brands like DeKuyper for butterscotch schnapps and Baileys for Irish cream provide reliable results. Freshness counts, so use recently opened bottles to maintain optimal flavor. Avoid substitutes, as alternatives can alter the cocktail’s distinctiveness.

Mixing Techniques

Use precise measurements to achieve a balanced flavor. Measure 1 ounce of butterscotch schnapps and 1 ounce of Irish cream. Fill a shot glass halfway with butterscotch schnapps. Slowly pour Irish cream over the back of a spoon to layer it on top. This method creates a visually appealing two-tone effect. Serve immediately to preserve the layering.

Occasions to Serve a Buttery Nipple

Parties and Gatherings

Serve a Buttery Nipple at parties and gatherings for a crowd-pleasing shot. Its smooth and creamy taste appeals to diverse palates, making it a popular choice for social events. To ensure consistency and quality, prepare a large batch using equal parts butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream. Use clear shot glasses to display the two-tone effect, adding an eye-catching element to your drink selection. When guests arrive, offer this shot to kick off the festivities and encourage mingling.

After-Dinner Drinks

Impress your guests with a Buttery Nipple as an after-dinner drink. Its rich and sweet profile pairs well with dessert or as a standalone treat. Serve it in a quiet, relaxed setting to enhance the dining experience. Present the shot alongside coffee or other digestive options for a well-rounded conclusion to the meal. This cocktail can also serve as a conversation starter, thanks to its unique layering technique and delicious taste.

Variations of the Buttery Nipple

Adding Flavors

Enhance the traditional Buttery Nipple by incorporating different flavors. Adding a splash of vanilla vodka provides a smooth vanilla undertone. Alternatively, drop in some coffee liqueur like Kahlua to introduce a rich coffee taste. For a fruity twist, blend in peach schnapps, which adds a sweet and tart flavor to the drink. Experiment with each addition to find your preferred variation.

Non-Alcoholic Versions

Create a non-alcoholic version of the Buttery Nipple for those avoiding alcohol. Use butterscotch syrup as a substitute for butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream-flavored coffee creamer instead of Baileys Irish cream. Equal parts of these ingredients mimic the original’s flavor and texture without the alcohol content. This version allows everyone to enjoy the creamy, indulgent taste of a Buttery Nipple.


Exploring the Buttery Nipple cocktail opens up a world of smooth and creamy flavors that can be tailored to suit any occasion. Whether you’re looking to impress guests at a party or enjoy a delightful after-dinner drink, the Buttery Nipple offers versatility and indulgence. With variations like vanilla vodka or non-alcoholic options, you can cater to everyone’s tastes and preferences. So go ahead and experiment with different ingredients to find your perfect blend. Cheers to enjoying this classic cocktail in all its delicious forms!

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