Pot Pork Chops: Tender, Juicy & Ready in Under 30 Minutes

Pot Pork Chops: Tender, Juicy & Ready in Under 30 Minutes

An Instant Pot is a versatile, multi-functional countertop appliance. It’s designed to replace several kitchen devices, including a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, and yogurt maker. Combining these functions, the Instant Pot simplifies cooking and minimizes clean-up, making meal preparation efficient and convenient. According to Instant Pot’s official website, over 30 million people use Instant Pots worldwide, showcasing its popularity and reliability.

The Appeal of Pork Chops in an Instant Pot

Cooking pork chops in an Instant Pot ensures they are tender and juicy every time. Traditional methods can often result in dry, overcooked meat. The Instant Pot uses a sealed cooking environment, ensuring moisture retention and even heat distribution. In less than 30 minutes, you can achieve perfectly cooked pork chops, ideal for busy weeknights. This method also allows for flavor infusions; spices and marinades penetrate the meat more effectively under pressure.

Choosing the Right Ingredients for Instant Pot Pork Chops

Selecting Pork Chops: Cut and Thickness

Pork chop quality directly impacts taste. Focus on selecting center-cut or bone-in pork chops. Bone-in chops add extra flavor and moisture because the bone retains juices during cooking. Thickness also matters. Choose chops between 1 to 1.5 inches for even cooking to ensure tenderness. Thinner chops risk overcooking, while thicker ones may not cook through evenly. Always opt for consistent sizes to achieve uniform cooking results in an Instant Pot.

Essential Spices and Herbs

Using the right spices and herbs elevates your pork chops. Essential spices include salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. Salt and black pepper create the base seasoning, while garlic powder and paprika add depth. Complement these with fresh or dried herbs like rosemary, thyme, and parsley. Rosemary and thyme enhance the pork’s natural flavors, and parsley adds freshness. Experimenting with spice blends and herbs can personalize your dish, making it uniquely yours.

Recipes for Instant Pot Pork Chops

Classic Instant Pot Pork Chops

Select center-cut or bone-in pork chops for consistent texture. Season chops generously with salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. Set the Instant Pot to sauté mode, add olive oil, and brown the pork chops for 2-3 minutes on each side. Remove the chops and use the sauté feature to cook sliced onions and minced garlic until soft.

Add chicken broth for a rich base, then return the pork chops to the pot. Seal the lid and cook on high pressure for 8 minutes. Allow a natural pressure release for 10 minutes, then manually release any remaining pressure. Enhance the flavor by garnishing with fresh rosemary or parsley before serving. Pair with mashed potatoes or steamed vegetables for a balanced meal.

Spicy Pork Chops Variation

For a spicy twist, mix a blend of chili powder, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. Rub this onto the pork chops, ensuring even coverage. Use the sauté function of the Instant Pot, adding vegetable oil to brown the chops for 2-3 minutes per side. Set the chops aside and sauté diced jalapeños and minced garlic in the same pot.

Add beef broth, which complements the spices, then place the pork chops back into the pot. Seal the lid and cook on high pressure for 8 minutes. Perform a natural release for 10 minutes, carefully releasing any leftover pressure afterward. To boost the spicy profile, garnish with sliced green onions or cilantro. Serve with rice or a crisp salad to complement the heat.

Cooking Times and Tips

Ideal Cooking Times for Different Thicknesses

Cooking pork chops in an Instant Pot ensures even cooking and tenderness. The required cooking time varies based on chop thickness, so use these guidelines:

  • Thin Chops (1/2 inch): Cook for 5 minutes on high pressure. Use a quick release.
  • Medium Chops (3/4 inch): Cook for 6-7 minutes on high pressure. Let the pressure release naturally for 5 minutes, then perform a quick release.
  • Thick Chops (1 inch or more): Cook for 8-10 minutes on high pressure. Allow natural pressure release for 10 minutes before a quick release.

Adjust these times slightly based on your specific model and chop consistency. Consistent results follow these guidelines.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding common pitfalls ensures perfect pork chops every time:

  • Overcrowding: Don’t place too many chops in the pot. Overcrowding hinders even cooking and can cause inconsistent results. Cook in batches if necessary.
  • Insufficient Seasoning: Ensure you adequately season both sides of the chops. Insufficient seasoning results in blandness.
  • Ignoring Time Constraints: Pay attention to recommended cooking times. Overcooking dries out the chops, while undercooking leaves them tough.
  • Skipping Natural Pressure Release: Don’t skip the natural release step for thicker chops. This step helps retain moisture and tenderness.

Following these tips guarantees tender, flavorful pork chops, making your Instant Pot an indispensable kitchen tool.

Serving Suggestions

Side Dishes That Pair Well

Serving pork chops with complementary side dishes can elevate the dining experience. Consider these options:

  • Mashed Potatoes: Creamy mashed potatoes absorb the flavors of the pork chops, making each bite more satisfying.
  • Roasted Vegetables: Carrots, Brussels sprouts, and green beans, when roasted, offer a delightful contrast to the meat’s tender texture.
  • Steamed Asparagus: Light and nutritious, steamed asparagus adds a fresh element to your meal.
  • Rice Pilaf: Fluffy rice pilaf seasoned with herbs blends well with savory pork chops.
  • Caesar Salad: Crisp, tangy Caesar salad provides a refreshing balance to the rich flavors of the pork chops.

Presentation Tips

Showcasing your dish enhances its appeal:

  • Plate Positioning: Center the pork chop, and arrange side dishes around it to create a balanced look.
  • Herb Garnish: Sprinkle fresh herbs like parsley or thyme over the pork chops for color and aroma.
  • Sauce Drizzling: Drizzle pan sauce or gravy in a zigzag pattern for a professional touch.
  • Vegetable Arrangement: Stack or fan out vegetables to add height and interest.
  • Use Contrast: Choose plate colors that contrast with your dish to make the pork chops stand out.

By following these suggestions, your Instant Pot pork chops not only taste delicious, but also look impressive.


Cooking pork chops in an Instant Pot can transform your dining experience. With the right ingredients and cooking times, you’ll achieve tender and juicy results every time. Avoid common mistakes and you’ll find the process straightforward and rewarding.

Pair your pork chops with complementary sides like mashed potatoes or roasted vegetables to complete the meal. Pay attention to presentation by arranging your plate thoughtfully and adding a drizzle of sauce for that final touch.

By following these tips, you’ll not only enjoy delicious pork chops but also impress your guests with a visually appealing dish.

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